Humanitarian Organizations:
Demand Nazi Aid?

by Andrew Stergiou Thursday, January 22, 2009



Aid the Children? Christian Aid? World Aid? Nazi Aid?

The battles are raging, the rockets and cannons are firing, all forces military and civilian have been mobilized and Clara Barton can't wait for the battle to stop for her to rush out onto the battle field to attend to the wounded.

These photos depict worlds at war, war that were created by those who fought them but my those who refused to fight them.

During World War Two, America good fight against fascism, and the Russian Peoples Great Patriotic War again invading fascist hordes, during Great Britain's finest hour in the Battle for Britain there were many who were not Nazis who sided with the Nazis in Ireland, Burma and India amongst others for twisted and perverse reasons that one can only determine as founded in hate. As I neither love war nor hate it and attempt to balance my perspectives regarding it I am a realist not an idealist, I principled as well as pragmatic unlike many of my left wing colleagues many of which have been tainted by rightwing and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Clockwise the picture on the left is the historic city of Nuremburg Germany after the Allies bombed it because it was occupied and controlled by Nazi forces. The photo on the right is the city of Gaza occupied and controlled by the non-secular fanatical religious party Hamas after a counterattack by Israel.

The photo on the bottom right is a civilian bus bombed by a Hamas terrorist who not only commits violence by whom incites in retaliation.

At the bottom right is a photograph of one of two ancient Afghanistan antiquities in the anti-Islamic statues of Buddha that were destroyed by the Taliban for their anti-Islamic activities.

In these first two cases fascist organizations controlled and perpetuated attacks on civilians from those territories.

The second two cases those photos depict what one should expect if religious extremists gain an upper hand and control of your community.

Imagine the world cleansed of these non-Moslem artifacts? Imagine all Jewish, Christian, Buddhism Atheist, Hindu, Taoist, Animist, and Pagan relics destroyed just like the Nazi book burnings?

Imagine Islamic book burnings that emulate the German Nazi book burnings of all books?

There are long lists of books movies and publications that have been banned and the lists would get longer if ever Moslems  create non-secular religious states weither in Iran or the USA:

Just as there have been many that were banned by so called “Arab” and  “Islamic countries.

Imagine all over Europe and America worldwide relief humanitarian relief organizations such as the Red Cross and Amnesty International have besieged they elected government demanding they be allowed to bring in more aid to the beleaguered Nazi forces in Germany and on the Eastern Front?

While war continued without abatement so called humanitarian organizations raise demands demanding the Allies leaders including Roosevelt and Churchill be seen and judged as war criminals for their actions which have killed thousands of civilians in bombing that state Allied forces have acted disproportionately?

Well that is what many have done in support of world terrorism and a well organized Islamic effort for global domination.

Imagine these so called humanitarian organizations without parallel in history demand in the middle of the greatest world war (as some pro-Nazi forces did) that democratic and elected governments cease their military actions and activities, because of the casualties suffered by the civilian populations in Europe Asia and Africa, and those leaders be tried as war criminals?

In World War Two as in most wars civilian deaths outnumbered the number of deaths suffered by the military the table below from Wikipedia compiled from various sources is an indication of the fact without mentioning the civilians wounded. 

Human Losses of World War Two by Continent

Considering all Soviet casualties as European, and all European colonial forces as European as well.

Continent  ↓

Civilian deaths  ↓

Military deaths  ↓

Total deaths  ↓


























Human rights organizations during World War II call for the indictment of legitimate Allied government leaders and “issuing of an arrest warrant for seating heads of state *** by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity”? 

During World War II that would have seemed insane but today that is the actions of so called humanitarian relief organizations.

As matters of self-serving convenience for fund raising efforts by bloughted administrations of those relief humanitarian and human rights organizations they act without considering the long term effects of what they suggest. Much of the humanitarian relief aid that goes to war zones ends up in the hands of combatants or civilians who feed those organizations with a steady supply of cannon fodder.

Much like relief and human right organizations have no concern for peoples in their own countries they have no concern for the poor and disempowered of the world for those organizations prolong and create conflicts at a great human cost.

The world has watched as civil wars were financed and started for the sake of oil while genocide was perpetuated, that continued based on the sale of blood diamonds, and while most of it remains safe in their homes, going to work making profits from those wars, and the United Nations has seated dictator after dictators from the Third world with every pretension of legitimacy while they had none.

There is no question or doubt in any sane person’s mind that Israel has allowed and allows “Humanitarian Aid Into Gaza”, but imagine Nazi Germany (whom Israel has often been compared to by pro-Islamic Terrorists and their supporters) allowing aid into the Warsaw Ghetto during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising?

There is no comparison in the way Israel has acted as a humanitarian country and the way they have been described by enemies to free peace loving people every where.

The United Nations has perpetuated and exasperated the problems of the Middle East not merely by its actions and inactions, but by its perversity condemning Zionism as racist in all its forms:

Labor Zionism, Liberal Zionism,
Christian Zionism, Hindu Zionism, Cultural Zionism,
Reform Zionism, Religious Zionism,
Revisionist Zionism, Muslim Zionism,
and even Black Zionism.

By enacting “UN resolution 3379, which states as its conclusion: Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination. *** severely condemned Zionism as a threat to world peace and security and called upon all countries to oppose this racist and imperialist ideology”

To their credit on “December 16, 1991 when the UN General Assembly finally revoked Resolution 3379, with a vote of 111 to 25 (with 13 abstentions)”, the UN refuted such claims equating Zionism with racism and imperialism.

But in the rhetoric that remains the stock and trade of the lunatic fringe, of those who claim to support civil libertarians, pacifists, humanitarians, socialists, nationalists of all stripes and descriptions sentiment for the sake of sectarian Islam still  decry Israel as oppressive ignoring Islam and the Quran itself that states:

"And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.'" [Quran 17:104].

Normally it is not my habit of quoting religious text when referring to the exoteric worldly matters here on earth but as some fanatically only can conceive of that world as strictly religious, I am forced to do so.

Forced to engage in religious rhetoric so as to never surrender that truth corruption which is beyond human hands words and deeds that many bubble headed intellectuals like Faust have sold their souls for merely to take sides against Israel in a disease that will eat them alive.

Let the bubble headed intellectuals and pacifists go to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or even Turkey, and let them live with what they will have us suffer for as a revolutionary, and a socialist they incur solely from me my contempt. I understand the weaknesses and injustices of Israel as there are many but to foster, nuture or endure their enemies would be to endure hell itself.

For as most Moslems treat others Moslems with such contempt in the daily car bombings, murders and other crimes what can anyone else non-Moslem expect? Pity? As many Moslems contemptuously feel if you are ill and suffer it is god’s will, and you get what you deserve.

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