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Congratulations Hamas!


Hamas and the Left Pushes Israel to the Right!!



“Arabs cheer after the elections in Israel” (Los Angeles Times, Ashraf Khalil February 11, 2009, but after a large decisive win by the Israeli right in the latest Israeli elections what the heck are those crazy Arabs cheering about this time?


Ahmed Tibi of the United Arab List-Taal said in a radio interview. "This is a clear and unequivocal statement against boycotting, and an expression of faith in us, the Arab leadership", "Nobody expected this," said Farouk Mahajiny by telephone late Tuesday night amid the sound of raucous cheering.


Okay so the Arab based parties in Israel turned out the vote.


But how does that maintaining of a status quo of sorts effect Israeli politics?.


I mutter under my breath be careful what you wish for, as  you just might get it! After years of making the same mechanical approaches regarding Israel the Arab based parties have maintained their power bases, but they have in essence killed off any allies they my of had for peace.


Why Hamas and the Left (especially the left in Western Europe and the United States) has never learned from years of their protracted policies which have exasperated the Middle East, in forcing the same exact policies they claimed to be opposed to? Based on the same old long used misguided tactical policies designed to ameliorate the circumstances of Israel in the Middle East, the so called “enlightened” friends of Arab nationalism and Arab nationalists again have seen their policies backfire. In the recent Israeli elections the people of Israel with their Arab citizens represented in the elections and their results, have hardened their resolve to oppose any who have attacked Israel’s its civilian populations.


In their zeal catering to Arab nationalism (which in turn has numerous players jockeying for a position amongst those which include some of the most vitriolic Arab fascists, amounting to pro-Arab insanity and stupidity. Perhaps the Palestinian schools should open to teach their populations other than what they have learned in successive failures after many years and generations. Generations which rather would be better of claiming success, rather than counter productive self-serving crying serving that results from the post traumatic stress  in their utter and complete failure to see what is happening.


In the Arab nationalist left-wing alliance’s policies  often designed by means of overkill vitriolic dogma rhetoric to disarm Israel (like appeasement prior to WWII) does just the opposite.


For why should a sane population attempt to make peace with mad dogs posed always ready to bite them?


Would not a rational person think after sixty years of Israeli independence those wishing Israel to disappear or to submit in submission merely have forced Israel to the right?


Hadash with its described as a left-wing political party in Israel, defines itself as a 'Jewish-Arab Party', but most of its voters and leaders are Israeli Arab citizens of Israel which they would presume to represent Jewish interests while representing for the most part interests which lend themselves to Arab nationalism.


Hadash has three legislators in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) primarily composed of the Rakah long representing comrades of the pro-soviet left but that does not preclude them from examination and criticism...


“Rakah was formed on 1 September 1965 due to internal disagreements in Maki. Maki, the original Israeli Communist Party, saw a split between a largely Jewish faction led by Moshe Sneh, which recognized Israel's right to exist and was critical of the Soviet Union's increasingly anti-Israel stance, and a largely Arab faction, which was increasingly anti-Zionist. As a result, the pro-Palestinian faction (including Emile Habibi, Tawfik Toubi and Meir Vilner) left Maki to form a new party, Rakah, which the Soviet Union recognised as the "official" Communist Party.”


It was reported in the Soviet media that the Mikunis-Sneh group defected to the bourgeois-nationalist camp, but one should rationally ask if it was not the Rakah and Soviet group which defected and catered to the Arab bourgeois-nationalist camp!!


Is it not rational objectively to see that contrary to what was reported in the Soviet media that it is not the Mikunis-Sneh group which defected to the bourgeois-nationalist camp, but it was the Rakah and Soviet groups which on behalf of ill directed Soviet policies defected and catered to the Arab bourgeois-nationalist camp so that the USSR could profit from its sale of armaments to that Arab bourgeois-nationalist camp and military alliances now infamous since the end of the Cold War (e.g. Somalia)!!


Real Change Under Pressure:

“After holding power for 50 of Israel's 60 year history, the Labour party has been humiliated in the latest elections, winning only 13 seats. A party which carries the mantle of titanic figures in Israeli history, ranging from David Ben Gurion, the country's founding prime minister, to Yitzhak Rabin, the peacemaking leader who was assassinated in 1995, managed a poor fourth in this contest. “

Despite its venerable history, Labour secured fewer seats than the ultranationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party, when Labour was once the majority party.

“The result places a question mark over the political future of Ehud Barak, the Labour leader and defence minister in the outgoing government. Before the election, Mr Barak had publicly declared that if Labour did not manage close to 20 seats, he would neither be willing nor able to stay at the defence ministry.”

Having fallen well short of this benchmark, Mr Barak may come under pressure to step down as Labour leader. In any event, he may find himself excluded from the new coalition.

“After the results were declared, Mr Barak pledged to ‘continue as long as I have the strength’ and ‘restore the Labour Party to the place it deserves’. Sounding a note of unusual humility, he added: ‘We have to learn from our mistakes. First and foremost, mine.’

“Labour has suffered for being the party of the establishment and of Israel's Ashkenazi elite. Exasperated with the constant threat of terrorist attack, Israel's electorate has swung decisively to the Right – and its oldest party is paying the price.” (Israel election: Labour party humiliated, By David Blair in Jerusalem, Last Updated: 4:57PM GMT 11 Feb 2009)

.Israel is composed of several ethnic groups  75.5% Jewish, 20.1% Arab, 4.4% minority groups, from representation in the last Knesset though the Arab based parties (Balad, Taal) did not seem to decline while the pro-peace left did in Labor’s losses and the losses by Meretz of two seats in the Knesset. On 12 January 2009, Balad and the Ta'al alliance were disqualified by the Central Elections Committee on the grounds that they failed to recognise Israel as a Jewish state and called for armed conflict against it, they were also disqualified from the 2003 election, but won a Israeli Supreme Court case allowed them to run, and again on 21 January 2009, the Supreme Court again revoked the ban.

“Voter participation among Israel's 1.4 million Arab citizens has always lagged behind that of Jewish voters, and the turnout in 2006 represented a drop of 21 percentage points from elections a decade earlier.”

But Israel’s allowance of “Arab” political parties exemplifies its Israel’s democratic character (whereas no Arab territory has ever allowed Jewish residents those same rights and freedoms, so in recognition of that:

“US President Barack Obama on Wednesday called Israeli President Shimon Peres to offer him congratulations on his country's general elections, the White House said.

"This afternoon, President Obama spoke to President Peres of Israel to extend his congratulations to the Israeli people on their general elections yesterday," said a White House statement.”

"The President remarked that the Israeli people should be very happy about the democratic example they have set for the world.”

"They had a good discussion, and the President complimented President Peres on his recent op-ed in which he reaffirmed his strong commitment to achieving a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." (African Banking Forum,).

I propose that there is no possibility of change in Israel and the Middle East, which shows signs that for the most part will see conditions worsen before they get better, especially with the advances of the Lieberman (footnote *1 a former nightclub bouncer viewed as an anti-Arab extremist is the main political beneficiary of the Gaza war and could hold the balance of power in a new parliament after elections) poised to win 16 seats for his Yisrael Beitanu (literally “our Israel”) party in the general election on Feb 10. 2009.

Ironically contrasted and complimented at once by the Feb 1, 2009 elections successes by Hamas, or was that encouraged by the Israeli right wing poised to make war and peace as did Begin during Camp David, or Unionists and Republicans in Northern Ireland.


------------------ footnotes

footnote *1 Mr Lieberman, 50, has a long history of verbal attacks on Arabs - not just Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories, but his fellow citizens in Israel. In 2003, he was reported to have suggested that Palestinian prisoners being released from Israeli jails should be bussed to the Dead Sea and drowned.

In the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, three years later, he called for the execution of any parliamentarians who met members of the then Hamas-led Palestinian government.

"World War II ended with the Nuremberg trials," he said. "The heads of the Nazi regime, along with their collaborators, were executed. I hope this will be the fate of the collaborators in the Knesset."

The comment was widely regarded as an implicit attack on Arab members of the Knesset, leading some Jewish members to denounce him for "racism".

Mr Lieberman has always counted on the support of the one million or so Russian-speakers who immigrated to Israel in large numbers after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But Mr Lieberman’s forthright manner – seen by supporters as “straight talking” – has started to attract a growing number of other Israelis, many of them born in the US, who see him as the champion of Israeli nationalism.

Two star recruits to his party Yisrael Beitanu are Danny Alayon, a former Israeli ambassador to America and Uzi Landau, who like Mr Lieberman was once a lieutenant of Mr Netanyahu.

Alone among leading Israeli politicians, Mr Lieberman is a settler - one of nearly 500,000 Israelis who live on land seized from Palestinians in the Occupied Territories in contravention of international law.

From this precarious position he argues that Israel must grow more ethnically "homogeneous".

That goal should be achieved through two means, he said: Israeli borders should be redrawn to cut out a few large Arab towns, whose inhabitants would then be stripped of Israeli citizenship but would become citizens of a new Palestinian state. In return, Israel would absorb all the land now held by settlers.

He also demands that every citizen must pledge an oath of allegiance, or be stripped of their citizenship.

At a political rally in Jerusalem last week, the audience cheered when speakers referred to Israel’s 1.2 million Arab citizens as “a fifth column”.

“Whether you like this guy or not, at least you know what he’s saying,” said Moshe Mendowitz, who moved to Israel from Brooklyn. “He represents strength and we know he’ll fight for us.”

Analysts believe that the Gaza conflict, which followed a six-month ceasefire with Hamas, reinforced the Right-wing Israeli belief in the futility of making concessions to Palestinians.

"The effect of the war on the general election will be to restrict the future government's room for manoeuvre," said Roni Bart of the Institute for National Security Studies, an Israeli think tank. "People are saying every time we give up land for peace, it doesn't lead to better times but the opposite."

That sentiment is echoed by Mr Lieberman's new supporters. "I'm not against Arabs, I too want to live in peace," said Felix, a busker on the streets of Tel Aviv. "But the truth is that we cannot give away our land - we have such a small country and what is there of it to give away?" (, By Damien McElroy in Jerusalem and Dina Kraft in Tel Aviv Last Updated: 8:40AM GMT 27 Jan 2009

Footnote *2

Erdogan urges world to recognize Hamas
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 09:24:15 GMT

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for recognition of Hamas which won a landslide victory in Palestinian elections.

In an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said isolating Hamas is the reason for the ongoing tensions in the region.

He criticized world leaders for failing to respect the political will of the Palestinian people who voted for the Palestinian resistance movement.

Erdogan said Hamas would have been in a different situation if the world had given it a chance in politics after winning elections.

The Turkish prime minister said Hamas would not be able to change the situation as long as Palestine was "an open air prison".

Hamas won the 2006 Parliamentary elections with 74 of the 132 available seats. The rival ruling Fatah faction got only 45 seats.

Western-backed Acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah however fired Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya's unity government in June 2007.

Erdogan's remarks came after his recent public spat with Israel's President Shimon Peres, over the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip, in the world economic forum meeting on Thursday.

On Thursday, Erdogan stormed out of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland after a heated debate with Shimon Peres on Gaza.

Erdogan told Peres in the Forum, "Mr. Peres, you are a senior citizen and you speak in a loud voice. I feel that your raised voice is due to the guilt you feel.

"But be sure that my voice will not be raised as yours,"

"When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill."

"I know very well how you hit and killed children on beaches."

Erdogan walked off in front of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other panel members complaining that his comments on the conflict were cut short by the Washington Post's moderator David Ignatius.

Israel launched the military campaign against the impoverished coastal strip after an Israeli National Security Council assessment urged Tel Aviv to hinder 'elections in the Palestinian Authority at all costs' because it may lead to another Hamas victory.

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