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Emotional Instability Pale Rightwing Facades:

by Andrew Stergiou 11/23/2008 5:53 AM,




  1. Introduction:

  2. Wilhelm Reich

  3. The Current Economic Crisis

  4. The F.B.I. Bank Intel Conspiracy

  5. The Psychology of Fascism in America

  6. The Media Feeding Frenzy

  7. Capitalism is Searching for a Soul?

  8. Health Care In The Cuckoo’s Nest

  9. The Health of the American People

  10. Health Care a Security Risk: The Real Health care Costs

  11. Conclusion:



Listening to National Public Radio rambling on about the political elites’ pets I realized another piece or two of the puzzle.

As what relates to American and is essentially based on western capitalism, in what appears as an endless con game of shifting fortunes, the standard bearers of the media seem all so lacking if nothing else.


Why did such an innocuous radio program trigger such a reaction and response in me?


Because while in Washington DC, and Wall Street there seems much debate as to the fortunes of America’s industrial future specifically relating to the Big Three and the Auto industry:


I was subjected to a wonderful radio essay on the animal pets of the political elite.



While “The American Pet Products Association estimates Americans will spend $43.4 billion this year on their pets, a figure that includes everything from treats to training, despite the dramatic slowdown in discretionary spending. That's 26 percent higher than what U.S. consumers spent in 2004 [$34.444 Billion].


Tthe group said.” (Pinching pennies? Not these proud pet parents Despite the economy, many owners aren’t scaling back on toys or products. updated  Associated Press, 2:09 p.m. ET, Wed., Oct. 29, 2008).


So in effect while the American people and the people of the world starve in their needs and wants the elite shouts “let them eat cake!”.


All being well and good none the less perversely such facts it shows Americans as spending more in 2008 on pets Mopsy, Flopsy, and Phishy than was budgeted nationally by the United States for the United States Department of Education (US Dept of Education, Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Summary — February 5, 2007,).


and more on pets than many significant and important government programs:


National Endowment for the Arts,

National Endowment for the Humanities

Informal Science Education


$6.02 billion National Science Foundation

$39.4 billion US Dept of Veterans Affairs

$35.2 billion US Dept HUD

$35.0 billion State & Other International Prgms

$34.3 billion  Dept of Homeland Security

$24.3 billion  Dept of Energy

$20.2 billion  Dept  of Justice

$20.2 billion  Dept of Agriculture

$17.3 billion  NASA

$12.1 billion Department of Transportation

$12.1 billion Department of Treasury

$10.6 billion US Dept of the Interior

$10.6 billion US Dept of Labor

Wilhelm Reich


I had been writing as I regularly do and conceptualized an idea associating the public’s mental health and wellbeing to the current state of astute political leadership and direction, and related the concept historically to Wilhelm Reich revolutionary and ground breaking but under read book of 1933 analyzing giving for the first time insight into the “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” originally titled in the German “Die Massenpsychologie des Faschismus”.


While some may think that:


“Characterizing the public as

‘dupes’ and ‘puppets’ seems

a bit harsh”, I would have to ask are we anything but dupes and puppets with what has regularly occurred?


Though the left and right of the American political spectrum regularly bad mouth each other from opposite sides of the emotional coin, they act as one in an unending series of events.


Interspersed with volume after volume of metaphysical gobbledygook, in actually the sum of the parts that makeup the status quo are in analysis one and the same, constituted as an ill-founded delusionary hysteria and demagoguery.


The rightist conservatives rant and rage in the nomenclature of shock jocks, conservative talk radio hosts, and liberal counterparts attempt to piece together their subjective existentialist pragmatic mythologies from endless romantic essays as to the positive value of human nature. Both liberals and conservatives are rarely distinguished as one merely precedes the other and they take turns in their government by crisis one playing the good cop and the other the bad cop.

The Current Economic Crisis

“Yet today, something is amiss. Even if everyone is now using the Great Depression and the New Deal as benchmarks for what we're living through, Act I of the new script has already veered away from the original. A suffocating political and intellectual provincialism has captured the new administration in embryo. Instead of embracing a sense of adventurousness, a readiness to break with the past so enthusiastically promoted during the campaign, Obama seems overcome with inhibitions and fears.” (Beyond the Bailout State By Steve Fraser, The Nation,  December 1, 2008).

OBAMA “Practically without exception he has chosen to staff his government at its highest levels with refugees from the Clinton years. This is emphatically true in the realms of foreign and economic policy. It would, in fact, be hard to find an original idea among the new appointees being called to power in those realms--some way of looking at the American empire abroad or the structure of power and wealth at home that departs radically from views in circulation a decade or more ago. A team photo of Obama's key cabinet and other appointments at Treasury, Health and Human Services, Commerce, the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, the State Department, the Pentagon, the National Security Council and in the US intelligence community, not to speak of senior advisory posts around the president himself, could practically have been teleported from perhaps the year 1995.” (Ibid., Beyond the Bailout State By Steve Fraser, The Nation,  December 1, 2008).

“Recycled Clintonism is recycled neoliberalism.” (Ibid.) *** change only the brainiacs from Hyde Park and Harvard Square could believe in. [as] Only the experts could get hot under the collar about the slight differences between "behavioral economics" (the latest academic fad that fascinates some high level Obama-ites) and straight-up neoliberal deference to the market. And here's the sobering thing: despite the grotesque extremism of the Bush years, neoliberalism also served as its ideological magnetic north.” (Ibid., Beyond the Bailout State By Steve Fraser, The Nation,  December 1, 2008).

“Is this parochialism, this timorousness and lack of imagination, inevitable in a period like our own, when the unknown looms menacingly and one natural reaction is certainly to draw back, to find refuge in the familiar? Here, the New Deal years can be instructive. (Ibid. Beyond the Bailout State By Steve Fraser, The Nation,  December 1, 2008).


Though for some time the American people for the most part preoccupied personally in their already burdened lives, have been playing catch up with professionals in understanding the current economic crisis.

The election of 2008 was supposed to usher in real change not now what begins to appear like window dressing that culminates a long series of betrayals.

In what was created by the left and right of the political spectrum, ultimately if nothing else retains the public as cannon fodder in the government’s failed wars on poverty, communism, drugs, corruption, bureaucracy, monopoly, industrial decay, incompetence, illiteracy, disease, foreign intrigue, war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

But much like the rumors of J. Edgar Hoover dressing in drag in cahoots with big time gangsters, corporate corruption, Oliver North’s involvement in the Iran-Contra drug trafficking, and Eliot Spitzer’s $1000 an hour call girls, CIA involvement in drug smuggling, Savings and Loan scandal et al, Ad nauseam the public is where ever possible kept in the dark. Where rumors are highlighted to detract and obscure real issues.

As the public has been kept in the dark by the very people supposed to protect the national interests and left to their own devices the public has been the victim.

The F.B.I. Bank Intel Conspiracy


Recently come to light in the national media is the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, that since 2004 it has known there was systemic fraud (“massive fraud”) occurring in the mortgage industry.

Experts in the field would excuse not making those ongoing investigations public because they were ongoing investigations.

But as that investigation supposedly continued so did the fraud.

The Headline “Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis - Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

William Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri — Kansas City and a former federal regulator, interviewed by Aaron Task in Newsmakers, Banking't-Anyone-in-Jail?tickers=BAC,WM,CFC,XLF,JPM

“Black, who was counsel to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board during the S&L Crisis and blew the whistle on the "Keating Five" in 1989, says investigations have shown fraud incidence of 50% at (once) major subprime lenders like IndyMac and Countrywide.”

"There is no poster child [for the housing scandal] because you need to investigate, and you need to bring cases and we haven't done either against the major players," says Black.

“But even though the FBI warned of an "epidemic" of mortgage fraud in 2004, they subsequently made a "strategic alliance" with the Mortgage Bankers Association, which serves the major industry players.”

“In this case, the foxes truly were guarding the hen house.”

“Black notes it was only this year that the total number of FBI agents devoted to mortgage-fraud investigations rose to more than 200. By comparison, during the S&L and Enron investigations in the 1980s and '90s, respectively, multiple task forces totaling hundreds of agents were employed.”


"The DOJ has refused to emulate its successes in the S&L debacle, and even dealing with Enron, by creating a large task force that would take on the major fraud participants," Black said. "In this context, that would mean creating a large task force to investigate major, nonprime lenders."

As such the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become of the nation’s largest and most influential criminally inspired organizations.


Until the 2008 economic crisis, related corporate failures of the housing industry, the FBI’s statements regarding fraud in the mortgage industry were not well known.

Following the crisis:

The FBI Says It Now Has 26 Companies Under Investigation, In Addition To Pursuing More Than 1,400 Mortgage-Fraud Cases Nationwide.” (FBI Investigates Four Firms At Heart Of The Mess, Sept 24, 2008 By Evan Perez)

“There are approximately 26 financial institutions currently under criminal investigation, and that number is expected to increase exponentially. Over 400 individuals have been indicted with mortgage fraud and there are 1400 pending white-collar investigations related to the crisis. There are 40 task forces nationwide looking at the fraud of the heart of the subprime scheme.”

“A commentator wrote, “[t]he subprime mortgage and asset-backed paper scandals constitute one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated. They have resulted in mass foreclosures, writedowns, bankruptcies, firings and billions lost. The $10-trillion U.S. home-lending sector was, and perhaps still is, rotten. At the top were mortgage lenders, then Wall Street and others who exported junk debts to lenders around the world after prettying them up.”

(FBI Ramps Up Investigation of White Collar Crimes as Part of Financial Crisis, DWClientAlert Economic Recovery Team By: Michael L. Volkov November 4, 2008

It is interesting to watch as major countries act as bullies obsessed with petty crime and quality of life issues, but is so blind to the real criminals and real criminal enterprises.

The Psychology of Fascism in America


Who is to say that fascism can not be elected into office?


Certainly traditional fascists, neo-fascists, have never apparently limited themselves in applying for public office thru election by the public. At the same time fascists have traditionally excelled in their applying for public office through the ballot box as well as by brutality and thuggery.


“Hitler elected to political office as Chancellor, foiled all attempts by his opponents to gain a majority in parliament. Because no single party could gain a majority, Hitler persuaded President Hindenburg to dissolve the Reichstag again. Elections were scheduled for early March, but on 27 February 1933, the Reichstag building was set on fire.[46] Since a Dutch independent communist was found in the building, the fire was blamed on a communist plot. The government reacted with the Reichstag Fire Decree of 28 February which suspended basic rights, including habeas corpus.”


Hitler very much like Democrats and Republicans in the George W Bush administration acting the provisions of the Homeland Security Act also suspended the right to habeas corpus. Democrats and Republicans very much like good citizens, democrats, ex-communists and ex-socialists alike under Hitler acquiesced to the excesses of Nazi troopers and police authorities.


Who is to say that once elected fascists may not decide to  maintain the illusions of democracy with all the trappings and illusions of a democratic society, at the same time their agents control and manipulate iron control over them?


The transfer of power from democracy to fascism, and from fascism to democracy is often seamless as in Greece when the Unity Government was appointed by a segment of the military in power (1974).


So the question “Is society democratic?” is relevant where the courts act almost solely on behalf of the rich and well connected.


Where the pathology of the public has often become very calloused and confused. The public has been alternatively desensitized and emotionalized as if they were lab rats, in what psychologists would characterize as borderline personality disorders. A society of a collection of disillusioned distraught individuals with Borderline Personality Disorders, in learned behavioral patterns, flawed self-images or no self-image and  sociopathic tendencies.

Borderline Personality Disorders, resulting in a lack of boundaries which serve to orient people to the world of humanity at large. Inhumanity which causes them to objectify, demonize or otherwise idealize people with accompanying instability in moods, intrapersonal relationships, self-image and behavior.

A painful existence that results in addicted compulsive personalities, symptoms that generally are reactive manipulative, self-centered, self-absorbed and inclined towards conflict. A pervasive emotional state that does not as much resolve its conflicts, maintaining a personality disorder, but instead feeds it.

Long gone are the idealized images of Hollywood’s America, of a Andy Taylor, Oppie and Gomer Pyle frame of mind. If any such Hollywood reality ever existed, then Shazam, what do you want from what begins 2009 with what seems like Clinton II, or Bush III, Bush IV.

President elect Barack Obama, is still president elect Obama, but one has to ask:

Where in the world is Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party while the outgoing Bush administration has spent its dying moments rewarding its friends, by illegally throwing around the people’s money as if it were kitty litter in their own private litter box when the American people need to be informed and mobilized?

There has been almost no proper discussion in America

Almost the whole entire US American leadership in the news has not as of yet made sense to the American public!

In fact generally most Americans have no faith in their elected officials of either political party, as can be seen by published approval ratings that alternate between Democrats and Republicans but in substance do not change. Because for the most part politicians only live up to their constituents expectations and ignorance, and keep those expectations low by maintaining their ignroance.

What is often being said in the business columns is more geared towards investments, and not towards governing except where envestments are concerns, but fundamentals are clearly being stated.

It must be understood that the finance sector often acting in concert criminally with successive government administrations of the major political parties has lead to the current crisis.

Citigroup is the number one banking finance corporation but the US Government has just gave it another 25 billion, when Citigroup wasted the first 25 billion it received from Congress as a bailout that was misappropriated from what was intended for homeowners and home mortgages.

Funds received by Citigroup totaling $50 million dollars when Citigroup at that moment only had a book value of 32 billion dollars, though it controlled assets in excess of 2.5 trillions dollars. Citigroup, saved from personal financial ruin, when George W Bush misappropriated that funding, Democrats in Congress allowed him to do so, and soon after a stock market rally saw Citigroup’s stock artificially jumped from under $4 to about $6.

Regardless of the political outlook of current or future American administrations of government, insiders made money on their information and knowledge, and the American people are burdened by debts, that amount to over $34,000 per resident in what adds to their anxieties not alleviates them.

In no other industrial country but the USA can politics be as subjective, emotional based and chaotic. Where else does the media spins in discussion ad nauseam “left and right” doorknob solutions as politics appears histrionics based. When there are no doors and no exits to think of, why should people discuss left and right handed doorknobs, or discuss ambidextrous alternative door knob solutions?

The political machines of the most humble and the almighty are busy day and night, whizzing and grinding. furiously churning out endless solutions,  read on teleprompters for rapid consumption by the general public towards no end except one political control.

Often no distinction can be made regarding the American Right weither Neo-Cons Neo-Liberals, Republicans, Democrats, or traditional rightists and liberals, united, in the government’s catering to the transnational multinational capitalists of big business, hypocritically opposing strong federal government when that strong government would act in the interests of most working people, the powerless in need of a voice, and the needy.

But then also one should have to explain and reason as to why “the left” often does not fulfill its most logical use as a critic and opposition to the corrupt system we live in as often its responses are not adequate.

While a large array of experts have many weapons in their arsenal in this information age the public sensibilities are the sacrificed for higher profits.

Without principled basis economic disciplines merely exist to shore up corporate balance sheets and bottomlines:

Behavioral economics and behavioral finance are closely related fields that have evolved to be a separate branch of economic and financial analysis which applies scientific research on human and social, cognitive and emotional factors to better understand economic decisions by, say, consumers, borrowers, investors, and how they affect market prices, returns and the allocation of resources. The field is primarily concerned with the bounds of rationality (selfishness, self-control) of economic agents. Behavioral models typically integrate insights from psychology with neo-classical economic theory. Behavioral Finance is another similar field of knowledge that evolved during since 1970s. [1] Behavioral analysts are mostly concerned with the effects of market decisions, but also those of public choice, another source of economic decisions with some similar biases towards promoting self-interest.” (Wikipedia)

 As it is all in the confidence game of the masters of corporate media and government.

The Media Feeding Frenzy


The media and its legions of talking heads, and spin masters have fed the current crisis, by fostering and nurturing the public hysteria. As it relates to the Stock market it has been

pushing down stock prices (which has hampered healthy industrial efforts to raise capital, and rewarded bad and unhealthy industries).


What has corporate media not done that Ben Laden and Al Qaeda has done?


The current crisis has surpassed the financial effects in the aftermath of the World trade center attacks of 2001, and the downturn of 2002.


In a hysteria that has allowed many of the largest corporations to gobble up potential competition while unemployment rates increase in what potentially will surpass the Great Depression the rich have as expected been getting richer.


But the corporate media has not acted a democratic bulwark, but as a corporate tool of an undemocratic transnational monopoly capitalism clothed in democratic rhetoric without democratic substance.


A corporate media that for the most part is noticeably silent ,when there is a very specific and urgent need for the public good. In the basics of what is the morality of right and wrong, a corporate media that is very vocal when their opinions are unneeded and unwanted.


A media all too obsessed with petty crime, fluff pieces and pre-occupied with selling us all the consumerist junk that clogs our closets, highways and landfills, in nonsense that gets thrown away when we move or grow up.


Nonsense, absolute nonsense made of “Coco Puffs” and “Fruits Loops” when once upon a time mush, grits and cream of wheat was sufficient, now it is multiplied by margarine, 50% canola oil, 50% olive oil, saturated, unsaturated, herbal flavored, new, improved, with and with trans fat. Food of the future here in a chemistry kit add the elements you like and voila  the Current Economic Crisis.


Capitalism is Searching for a Soul


Is capitalism searching for a soul?


“In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of. - Confucius”


Surely no one who remembers the bad old days would say that the country is better managed nor they are better off. first of all to consider the economic fact one has to consider the present economics in a historical context where currency and especially the dollar was valued much differently:


The dollar Buying power compared to 1980 USD and most ordinary people are earning a lot less

1774 $10.53 1860 $10.22   1950 $3.42
1780 $6.20   1870 $6.51     1960 $2.78
1790 $9.30   1880 $8.31     1970 $2.12
1800 $6.77   1890 $9.34     1980 $1.00
1810 $6.91   1900 $10.12   1990 $0.63
1820 $7.25   1910 $8.94     2000 $0.48
1830 $9.21   1920 $4.11     2007 $0.40
1840 $9.83   1930 $4.93     2008 $0.38
1850 $10.88 1940 $5.87




In the old days it was thought that if someone was guilty of causing a run on a bank, or ruining the economy that they should be tried, found guilty and sometimes hung as a good thing. Today they reward media personalities and writers who cause damage to the American economy as a whole.


Perhaps times have changed, but many of us have not changed because we still feel those who culpably caused the current crisis’, by acting criminally in concert, negligently, in conspiracy, and in dereliction of a duty to their client investors and the public, should be “tried, found guilty and perhaps sometimes hung.


Fiscal responsibility is often spoken of but as of yet it is unclear that there is a specific legal penalty for causing either causing the run on a bank’s deposits but perhaps there should be.


“A bank run (also known as a run on the bank) occurs when a large number of bank customers withdraw their deposits because they believe the bank is, or might become, insolvent. As a bank run progresses, it generates its own momentum, in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: as more people withdraw their deposits, the likelihood of default increases, and this encourages further withdrawals. This can destabilize the bank to the point where it faces bankruptcy.[1]” (Wikipedia)


“A banking panic or bank panic is a financial crisis that occurs when many banks suffer runs at the same time. A systemic banking crisis is one where all or almost all of the banking capital in a country is wiped out.[2] The resulting chain of bankruptcies can cause a long economic recession.[3] Much of the Great Depression's economic damage was caused directly by bank runs.[4] The cost of cleaning up a systemic banking crisis can be huge, with fiscal costs averaging 13% of GDP and economic output losses averaging 20% of GDP for important crises from 1970 to 2007.[2]” (Wikipedia)


But then we can’t suggest scions of the establishment be held accountable for their actions because regardless of which political party is in power, we will find a guilty parties in it who should be held accountable.


“Schumer Partly Responsible for $1.3 Billion Run on Bank, Experts Say, Wednesday, July 16, 2008, By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer, CNSNEWS,


The debate goes on and on, in the public media of corporate America long before the players can act as so the critics attempt to make themselves the actors whom are the center of attention.


The often unqualified shock jocks and policy wonks and talking heads that endlessly speak in hair splitting terms, rather than demanding answers of those who relevantly can act but don’t.

Health Care In The Cuckoo’s Nest


In the current crisis can be worded two ways:

The US Automobile Industry

“The debate over the fate of the U.S. auto industry starts with one question: What caused the crisis? And it ends with another: Bailout or bankruptcy? (How to fix the Big Three, By Chris Isidore, senior writer, November 17, 2008: 3:53 AM ET).

But in actuality the question can be reworded to read:

“The debate over the fate of U.S. industry starts with one question: What caused the crisis? And it ends with another: Bailout or bankruptcy?” (Author’s Note).

For the longest the American Right has been fighting along Republican Libertarian lines government involvement in private industry.

Some say the period of hands off deregulation has come to an end with the election of Barack Obama.

Weither or not that involvement is voluntary or not is immaterial, it is all part of the cyclical political economic events making up the circus of American policies that outlive their policy supporters (eg Reagan and Greenspan term of office):

For whereas most strategically important industries in the rest of the world derive benefits from government intervention (in constructive involvement during good times as well as bad,  US politicians and government has time and time again acted against the American peoples best interests).

Corporations instead purchase access and support thru expensive lobbyists and political contributions, and even industry itself can not depend on support except for what comes expensively in the forms of legislation and lucrative government contracts in the spur of moments when what is need are long term strategies and policies.

The Health of the American People


The progressive Republican Theodore Roosevelt was the first leading national figure to support and suggest universal national health care but Republicans and Democrats have all but abandoned support for it.

For some time the issue of health has been paramount to the continued health of US industry. As the costs for health cares insurance for a family of four has risen to $14,000 a year, two important facts stick out:

1.        current costs of health care for a family of four approximates the annual salary of a minimum wage employee working a forty hour week, in a year of 52 weeks.

2.        In 1973 while employed at a minimum wage job I was not merely paid a salary but also Blue Cross Blue Shield health care benefits, providing if needed 180 days of in hospital care.

3.        Current Health Care insurance benefits do not even approach those levels of coverage and as such if I were to compare benefits of a minimum wage job today, and a minimum wage job when I was first employed in 1973 I was paid more back then if you factor in the lower proportional costs of housing, food and health care benefits.

 “Japanese automakers are helped by the fact that their workers back home are covered by a government paid health care system. What's more, their U.S. employees are generally much younger than their UAW counterparts at the Big Three's plants, and thus have lower health care costs. But the biggest difference is the hundreds of thousands of retirees at GM, Ford and Chrysler - along with their surviving spouses and other dependents - who had been promised health care coverage. That coverage cost GM $3.3 billion in 2007 alone.” ? (Ibid, How to fix the Big Three, By Chris Isidore, senior writer, November 17, 2008).”

Health Care a Security Risk:
The Real Health care Costs


For some years there has been great debate over health care in these United States. Conservatives are all too ready to espouse the virtues of the health care system in the United States as the best in the world. Though that health care system is deficient, they point to those evils as necessary requirements of the free market economy without any real consideration of the ethical, moral and practical issues.


As a behavioral health counselor in the psychiatric department of a major metropolitan private hospital they would find it difficult to explain as to why personal could work there but receive no health care benefits. Most Americans who go to hospitals in the United States, and knowledgeable of the debate regarding universal health care would be surprised to know that many health care professionals regularly working in established health care facilities would not necessarily receive any substantial regular health care coverage and benefits.


The world hearing from those who boast to be the greatest nation on earth may be surprised to know these matters as facts. Some would trivialize those matters but the facts of the matter is that all working health care professional do not receive health care benefits, ironic but true.


If health care professionals can not receive health coverage what hope does the average American or resident have to receive benefits which are considered in most industrial countries as intrinsic to the nature of such a job position.


When I was first employed as an office clerk I made an hourly salary which paid above minimum wage, that was slightly more the union wages at same factory. Additionally I was paid 2 weeks paid vacation per year, sick and personal days off, and most importantly Major Medical Blue Cross Blue Shield that included 180 days of in hospital care if needed without cost to me.


Today what can the minimum wage employees of McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart amongst other expect when it comes to health care benefits and coverage?? The answer is nothing!!


In this day and age when people traveling continents by air travel can be spread diseases all too easily by from one continent to another:


What kind of modern industrial society can afford not to make universal health care available to all its residents?


When a modern work force not limited to hospital and restaurant personal can spread disease, viruses and germs in every day contact with the public:


What kind of industrial society can afford not to make universal health care available to all its residents?


Where biological warfare agents and all forms of industrial contamination threatens society’s existence:


What kind of industrial society can afford not to make universal health care available to all its residents?


In light of those facts how can a responsible society show a complete disregard for the concerns and needs of its population when during what is called a time of war (though albeit unconstitutional since it was never declared by Congress)  subjected to such threats?


Where the population is lulled into a false sense of security by the propagandists of a bankrupt society, and health care has been an opposition issue one can say that a government perhaps is only as strong as its opposition.


Why the civilian population thought of so little, as a liability and a threat that they should be exposed and subjected to disease, illness and injuries, without comprehensive universal without health care coverage, while the profits of industry’s profits are to always guarded?


Guarded profits though the government has also show little care about the average homeowners, workers and soldiers.


Where the world has seen China reforming its health care system since 2003 but not the United States.


Though China also has abrogated responsibility for health care, allegedly


“all rural residents (about 800m is the usual official figure) should be insured by the end of this year. *** [though] hospital stays are beyond the means of many.” A framework exists upon which health care could be expanded.



The question remains does or can the political opposition in the United States of America serves the function of a healthy political opposition?


In light of pathological government abuses with  roots in the past century as the accumulative pathologic results of wars fought on behalf of an unhealthy brainless spineless profit driven elite and super structure who cares more about pornography and pets than many government programs.


I think not?


Asking jokingly a senior citizen sporting a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Korean War veteran cap, can you spare $750,000,000 today, to get a cup of coffee for repayment next Tuesday he responded


“Don’t ask me I am ready for a revolution, I have seen it all!”


Adding that to the fact the young people often have nothing to live for in a society rift with entrenched crime and corruption the national psychology is on the edge of a precipice waiting to be pushed over the edge.


But I ask after a life time of rebellion towards what end, where the public discussion is one of the most contrived natures pursued by people with Antisocial, Sociopathic, Borderline Personalities and Narcissistic Borderline Personalities.


Its is no wonder that some still insist president elect Barrack Obama is a Arab and a Moslem in league with foreign terrorists, when actually he is an American who might be catering to the same elite he was elected to put in their place.

One thing is sure that United States government hampered by a national debt in excess of $10,669 trillion (The Outstanding Public Debt as of 28 Nov 2008 at 06:19:49 PM GMT U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK) weither or not that debt can be repaid beholden to foreign and domestic investors not to the needs and wants of the people. An estimated population of the United States is 305,177,845, so that each citizen's share of this debt is $34,961.39. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.89 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

A national debt whose monies would pay for national universal health care insurance for every man woman and child for a decade to come, that equals all earnings of every American for a year but which has been squandered in support of not a national elite but an international elite based on corruption, decadence and brute force.

Who are the terrorists? Where it is the government who are the terrorists?  


Where most terrorists are state sponsored, state inspired, or merely the inadvertent  creations of failed states negligent of their responsibilities and people.

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