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by Andrew Stergiou January 16, 2009

a independent internationalist socialist

After months and years since the last conventional Israeli assault on the positions of Hamas in Gaza during which hundreds and hundreds, and perhaps thousands upon thousands of Hamas attacks occurred upon the civilian population of Israel.

But where were all these “fair minded” detractors when Israel was under attack?

Where were all these politicians who now bend to is the so called “humanitarian public pressure” when Hamas was raining rocket after upon the innocent civilian population of Israel of not merely citizens of the Jewish faith but also Moslem, Druze, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Atheist?

Hamas does not hide in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, the Mekong Delta, nor the jungles of Africa, nor the great Sahara desert they hide as "urban guerillas" in one of the most densely populated areas of the world the Gaza strip. Hamas doesn't hide in thick jungle brush behind bushes and trees but amongst other people women and children amongst whom they live and rule as tyrants in their futile attempts to control their kingdoms of extortionist taxes tribute smuggling and violence.

I find the rhetoric of the anti-Israeli mob of assorted anti-Semites, socialist, communist, fascist, bourgeois democratic, nationalist, green, anarchist of Jews and non-Jews offensive hypocritical, dogmatic, biased, closed minded, and myopic besides typically ignorant and chauvinist.

It is true that Hamas’s military successes are diminished by the vastly superior Israeli ability to retaliate for attacks on its civilian populations. While over a thousand Gazians dies in Israel’s counterattacks and less than two dozens Israelis may have been killed in the period of time. What is untrue though is that while 13 Israelis might die in the same period of time as over 1000 residents of Gaza that does not make the Israeli acts of war all the more terrible. One life can not be equated with another. If another Israeli or another Gaza resident, or another Jew or Moslem more or less dies that does not aggrandize the victors nor belittles the vanquished.

If the Crips kill another Blood that most often does not change anything, and likewise if the Bloods kill another Crip that does not also change anything except in the personal tragedy of another senseless life.

Although all that is true some how the issues are misconstrued in the media into the anti-Israeli bent it appears while Israel has consistently attempted to address those issues which concern it, in what many attempt unfairly to vilify the actions of Israelis, Jews or any person who supports the fundamental rights of Israel and Israelis, and elevate those opposed to Israel.

Hamas and Gaza

Gaza child soldiers after being introduced to a life of violence and terror graduate in a process of dogma rhetoric and self-serving solipsisms.

A quick Google search of “Hamas child soldiers” provides

results that summarize and implicate Hamas in the use of child soldiers:

“NEW YORK, May 21 (UPI) -- Recruitment of child soldiers hasn't stopped and the military-controlled Myanmar is the worst offender, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers says.


The group in its 2008 Child Soldiers Global Report said, despite some progress, "efforts to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers are too little and too late for many children."


The report said the number of armed conflicts in which children are involved was down from 27 in 2004 to 17 in 2007. However, tens of thousands of children remain in the ranks of non-state armed groups in 24 countries.” (Use of child soldiers still a problem Published: May 21, 2008 at 7:37 AM)


And so we are introduced into the life of Gaza residents where children are used as the cannon fodder of the Hamas leadership.

Much has been made of the divisions between Hamas’s political leadership and Hamas’s military leadership on the ground in the Gaza strip. Weither  or not that is completely true or not debatable as it is:

The facts of the matter are that Hamas hides behind civilians women and children in waging its attacks on Israel and subjects as if they were gang-bangers selling drugs on a busy street corner in an inner city community merely to draw the gunfire in which the innocent get hurt.

Drawing the parallel of Hamas and gangsters in there relationship to crime and fighting crime some in support of Hamas seem to like us to believe that such things do not happen and that regardless of Hamas’s action any action against them is objectionable merely because they hide behind the civilian Palestinian population.

When Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization fought over control of Gaza where were these people then  when Palestinian  civilians died?

When Hamas terrorists were murdering PLO adherents where were those voices who decry Israeli counter attacks against terrorists who murder civilians?

Where was the outcry of the regular assortment of leftists and rightists who act in the west under the front cover of pacifism? Clearly there is a double standard when it comes to the war in Palestine and Israel and it all can be summarized as anti-Israeli anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist and anti-American though those views offer nothing for resolution of the problems which relate to peace in the Middle East.

Clearly Hamas does not protect its civilian populations but provokes attacks from Israel into which civilians are draw into the fire so as to provoke further violence.

Who belittles and attacks Israel’s efforts to defend its own civilian populations that include many innocent Arabs Druze and Bedouins, Christian, Jewish, Moslem and Buddhist  from repeated rocket attacks that were delivered from with the Hamas occupied territories?

What credibility does Hamas and even the PLO has when many in their ranks maintain and advance propaganda that they share with the anti-Semites of the past that includes the Czarist Secret Police and Nazism?

For years the Arab world has demeaned itself and sabotaged its own abilities to bring peace to the Middle East by a lack of credibility better suited to the coffee house posted with signs no women and Infidels Allowed.

As the Moslem world has subverted the Christian Arab world and more Christian Arabs died or become refugees in the west it has undermined its own position as they are anything but credible.

The Left in the West

The lacklustre left in the west, USA, America, France, Germany, United Kingdom etc has seeming tied itself to the anti-Israel bandwagon, as it has also become almost completely separate and apart from their working classes roots; and have become ridden with guilt due to their inabilities as progressives to organize the working class, and to hold court with working class communities as they once have.

For the most part the left in the west has seeming joined the middle class and has none of the nostalgic traditional  connections and ties that the left once had to Trade Unions and the working class. In the United States Barrack Obama had difficulty competing with Hillary Clinton for the working class votes, and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party had difficulty competing with Republicans for working class votes , just as Labour had difficulty competing with Margaret Thatcher and the Tories for working class votes.

In fact in many instances these people who pretentiously and loosely are referred to as progressives, are in fact reformist soft style petty bourgeois reformist types who were advanced by western intelligence during the Cold War so as to undermine the communist left (Pro-Soviet, Pro-Chinese) and today exist as the rudderless directionless brainless inconsistent coterie of claptrap propagandists (which includes many notables) who have even less integrity on the issues.

The fact of the matter is that in many of areas where these so called leftists lend their support that they would be arrested tortured and slaughtered for their comments, lifestyles, and questionable political views.

So far as I am concerned they are not leftists regardless of what the Republican Party, Tories and any reactionary says.

Hamas Leader Killed In Airstrike

With the reports in the news we are spoon fed photographs without any of the object context of a realistic nature of where when and how those photos were taken.

The above photo was captioned “Hamas Leader Killed In Airstrike” without and relationship of the photo to the story explained by a media which under pays investigative reporters,  under finances investigative reporting, and which provides very little airtime and space to the same so its haphazard results are understandably insufficient.

Hamas in the Refugee Camps

“Hamas officials confirmed the death of Interior Minister Saeed Seyyam *** A top aide, Seyyam's brother and his brother's family were also killed in the attack on a house in the Jabalya refugee camp. “Seyyam is considered to be among Hamas' top five leaders in Gaza.” As interior minister in Hamas' government, he was in charge of 13,000 Hamas police and security men, many of whom are actively involved in fighting Israel: and as Interior Minister at the head of a force of 13,000 police in time of war he is a legitimate military target. 

What was he doing hiding amongst the civilians of a Refugee camp?

“Hamas' armed wing vowed to avenge the death and a Hamas official in Damascus, Mohammed Nazzal, said the killing of its leaders will not make the militant group budge on its tough stance toward Israel.”

No doubt Hamas or Haman like gang bangers dealing drugs in the community they will continue this avenging while hiding in the close proximity of civilians that they put at risk and for whom ultimately they have no consideration and concern.

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