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Neo-Con Republican Selective Corruptions:

by Andrew Stergiou

Once again the corporate based and dominated media and millions of its rabid right wing supporters have brainlessly weighed politically on matters related to Gov Blagojevich of Illinois.

If being a sincere right winger the question one must ask responsibly the millions Americans that constitute the evil minions in my mind is:

What is the role of the outgoing Bush administration in use of the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding Illinois politics, Governor Blagojevich, president elect Obama and the future of the United States?

As has been written, and I have documented, the FBI has since 2004 has known there was massive fraud in the mortgage industry but has not effectively, nor appropriately acted in the matter.

Until the housing mortgage scandal has cost the American and people of the world trillions of credit and cash resources the bush administration held the FBI on a short leash at bay, and still to date they have not acted effectively.

To the benefit of rich insider investor financier speculators, the FBI sat on its hands relatively doing nothing to the international drug trafficker, money laundering, regarding the international scandals this country is drowning in.

The fraudulent actions of involved dozens if not hundreds of major corporations, and many hundreds if not thousands of their employee in the mortgage and finance industry put this country at risk by their involvement in the credit derivatives market.

But as of yet the FBI has not made any significant arrests: In fact rather than arresting the corporate head of Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Washington Mutual, and Countrywide there have been none.

The even the blind can see the corruption in America but not most of those in the media and politics of America because they are the corrupt, the criminals and the perpetrators of all these frauds as they represent corporate America.

Much like the selective the insidious prosecution of Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong) by Attorney General Ashcroft’s use of entrapment the government actions are frauds perpetuated within frauds.

In Attorney General Ashcroft’s and the Bush Administration’s surreal entrapments of Chong, they reveal repeated fraudulent attempts to purchase American made smoking bongs (of dual purposes much like rolling papers and model airplane glue) when there was no such intent to sell those bongs for illegal purposes (nor selectively for the smoking of marijuana as was suggested).

“Paris, Tommy’s son, had started Nice Dreams in 1999. At the time of the allegations in the indictment, Paris was the CEO of the company that was the center of the investigation. Paris was never charged with a crime in relation to the investigation. When asked why the government had focused on Chong opposed to the company’s CEO, Paris, US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan responded that “Tommy Chong was the more responsible corporate officer because he financed and marketed the product.” (Wikipedia).

Correlating that same logic to the fraudulent practices of the Wall Street Equity, mortgage, marketing and finance industries, whom of the American financial sector should not be arrested, have their ill gotten profits and properties confiscated, and be put on trial?

Bernard Leon 'Bernie' Madoff, chairman of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and charged with a single count of fraud. Federal Judge Louis L. Stanton has frozen Madoff's assets, and has appointed Lee Richards, a lawyer at the New York-based firm Richards Kibbe & Orbe, as a receiver.

The fraud was alleged to involve $50 billion — the largest investor fraud blamed on a single individual, took place over decades. The firm was one of the top market maker firms on Wall Street, and also had an investment management business. A number of Spanish and Swiss banks lost over a billion U.S. dollars each. Madoff's arrest, followed by a federal freeze of his assets. A National Association of Securities Dealers member, His firm was one of the five most active firms in the development of the NASDAQ, and he served as its chairman of the board of directors, and on its board of governors.

But where was the FBI during the perpetuation of those fraudulant activities that “took place over decades”?

What was his involvement in the Dot Com stock crash?

When will the government begin protecting the integrity of the American and world economy rather than the interests of the rich speculator profiteering class of parasites?

Now we are lead to presume by many if not most in the national media, the Democratic and republican parties that the case of Governor Blagojevich of Illinois is a simple case of a corrupt governor acting like some lone assassin when that is simply not the case.

There are numerous people who could have and would have had it in to see the down fall of Governor Blagojevich of Illinois first and foremost president elect Barrack Obama comes to mind as they never were the closest of friends and allies.

As Governor was heard recorded on FBI wiretaps calling the president elect a “motherfucker” amongst other things we are treated to the motivations of a bipartisan conspiracy against the Democratic governor of Illinois.

Why? Because politics was, is and has become a very dirty business without reason honor or respect.

Because Democrats and those representing Barrack Obama, in the manner of Representative Rahm Israel Emanuel (Democrat 5th Illinois CD) now the White House Chief of Staff in Obama's administration, known for playing hard ball it was a time perhaps to even the score.

Because Republicans wanting the Illinois governorship would go to any end to obtain it.

Because the lame duck Bush administration had the power to do so and so did so.

Because both parties are guilty of diverting the public’s attention from issue to issue without rhyme reason or honorable purpose where average citizens are made to suffer and pay. As if the world is one big Kremlin gulag long after the revolution was made to die a slow death in 1991 and the economic crises of the west have many similarities with the east.

Who are the real whores in America it is the politicians of all established orders.

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