***** Review: The Nasty Girl (1990) aka Das schreckliche Mädchen

A five star film well made believable, and perhaps a little tame in what one can only imagine when someone rakes up the World War II period in Germany.

About the “good German”, “the good American”, The Good Frenchman”, “the good citizen”, “the good South African”, “the good Russian”???

After watching this film one can only wonder of what Angela Merkel the chancleor of Germany and her family (as the film asked) did 1939-1945.

One of the Great Modern German films depicting the “good German citizens” in West Germany after World War II and Allied occupation,  and the continuing Modern German coverup of what occurred during the World War II and the period of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.


Poster The Nasty Girl (1990) aka Das schreckliche Mädchen

German with English subtitles

Story line: Sonya is a German high school student who decides to write an essay about her town’s history during the Third Reich and its resistance to it. To her dismay, and more so the town’s, she uncovers instead definite collaboration during the period. As she digs deeper, she must struggle against the town’s vocal and violent opposition to her search for the truth.

Lena Stolze
Hans-Reinhard Müller Hans-Reinhard Müller
Monika Baumgartner Monika Baumgartner
Sonja’s mother
Elisabeth Bertram Elisabeth Bertram
Sonja’s grandma
Michael Gahr Michael Gahr
Paul Rosenberger
Robert Giggenbach Robert Giggenbach
Fred Stillkrauth Fred Stillkrauth
Sonja’s uncle
Barbara Gallauner Barbara Gallauner
Miss Juckenack
Udo Thomer Udo Thomer
Archivist Schulz
Ludwig Wühr Ludwig Wühr
Owner of the Swingboat
Christof Wackernagel Christof Wackernagel
Richard Suessmeier Richard Suessmeier
The Mayor
Sandra White Sandra White
Rudolf Klaffenböck Rudolf Klaffenböck
The judge
Karin Thaler Karin Thaler


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