Poems Enlightened Nature Inspires Sin by Andrew Stergiou



Often I am inspired by senseless repression, oppression, in pressures for the brutality of conformity, the insanity of subtle self-censorship, imposed by those in power so as to appear reasonable they impress upon us to do the dirty work for them, so we are challenged. For let it be known I do not attempt to shrink from a challenge and so this poem was inspired as it was conveyed to me. In what I should understand was relayed to me as “Please do not submit poems that include words like (f.ck, a.shole, p.nis, v.gina, b.stard, s.ck, s.n o. a b.tch).” (Poemhunter.com).

So I especially wrote the following code poem for all those faint hearted easily offended “sensitive poets, and readers of poetry” so as to enable them to read such a poem without them having to read words by which they suffer painfully in their petty bourgeois middle class sensibilities which I find just as extreme as poetry strictly constructed of erotica which is designed as if we need an assistance manual of sex for our pleasure. In any case please enjoy as it was a delightful exercise of my abilities and useful application of my free time for a good better than myself. I hope those that read this poem will become embarrassed at their senseless coercions for conformity and will cease and desist in those efforts.

Poems Enlightened Nature Inspires Sin by Andrew Stergiou

Poet enter the poetics of nature in suspense,
Enter anticipating a theatre of cruelty,
Numb your senses to the pain and suffering,
In the norms of what is feared, in simple phrasing,
Summit to the guillotine of revolution, as a nexus,

Find love though it is meaningless romantic trash,
Understand the finite controls of censors,
Covet truth every where above all else,
Kick the devils of torment where it hurts,

All may be sacred, but some are more sacred than others,
So rejoice in the stupidity of living,
Stink of the joys prison engenders, it is an honor,
Hold proudly, firmly grasp the pen, brush and paint,
Own what you create,
License your poetry to all,
Ephemeral, eventually life will dissipate,
Stick to your weapons of mass destruction,

Destroy insanity crazed Kaos succinctly,
Defy injustice, cruelty, kindness, superstition,
Dangle imagination calmly kill sanity,

Vary your breakfast daily, but drink coffee,
Argue with mother superior for she is a bitch,
Grace the earth with humility proudly,
Ingratiate all with nobility though undeserving,
Negro streets walk proudly,
America you draw my blood for my limbs with your lips,
Savage nation you devour my flesh beaten raw,

Persevere under criticism from all, be true,
Egoists beware you are not clever,
Neologisms of psychotics bewilder geniuses,
Infants defy god, church, state, and family to win,
Seeing flowers as beauty is a blindness of insanity,

Art some Christian extremists would kill for: Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine.

Sadistic poet pleasures of self-mutilation,
Undoing a life’s work, in torn burnt manuscripts,
Communist pigs roasting on an open fire, seeking death,
K.P.D., Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg by Lenin calls us,
Stinking capitalist swine, voted for Adolph Hitler,

Be true, be kind, be compassionate, be ruthless,
Attack, kill, stab maim, apathy is the enemy of love,
Struggle in war for peace, and in peace for war,
Torment your oppressors mercilessly,
Antagonize no one, never retreat, never surrender,
Revolution is the way of life, in change it lives,
Death is the status quo of conformity,
Stinking decadence in the waste bin of history,

So forget not, relive not the past,
Ominous is the forgotten of Nazi crematoriums,
Necrophilia is the  way of capitalism,
Ominous is the forgotten,
Find love though it is meaningless,
Anarchy is an enemy of the unorganized,
Become, be, better, best,
Insist on what is true good and life,
Touch the untouchable,
Chew your dinner well,
Hate hate, for hate is only worthy of being hated.

Censorship by which some Christians and some Muslim extremists would elevate themselves over others as if they were “god” to determine what can be seen and not seen.

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