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Intelligence chief acknowledges U.S. may target Americans


Reading the Washington Post article below with the proverb that “the pen is mightier than the sword” can any one,or any STOOGE for the US government and the status-quo for the 1% elite tell, precisely say who is not a terrorist?

If your fighter fighter is my terrorist,and everyone can be considered a terrorist including children,tell me which freedom fighter will die!

The ex-director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover was feared by successive presidents and commonly the well thought of Martin Luther King often amongst many were  described as subversives according to what the government. Where hundreds of agents were assigned to investigate governmental opponents but a mere handful were assigned to investigate organized crime. Today anyone can be targeted from soccer moms,religious leaders,seniors citizens and children because in the world of government bureaucracy they all look the same. In Boston,Texas,San Francisco,New York City Government swats teams entered the homes of elder  ministers amongst other citizens without search warrants or announcement. Merely to find out they had the wrong address,because the paid government informants used supplied the wrong address,the wrong name,in totally bogus snitching. The government finds out that they murdered the wrong person,beat the wrong person,  tortured the wrong person in what constitutes crimes against humanity which once upon a time was repaid with the death penalty. But today America war criminals think themselves better than Nazi Germany war criminals and in the end they offer BLOOD MONEY and the hollow apologies of a soulless moral less state.

What distinguishes the Bush,Obama administrations from any other police state? Certainly its not the BILLION DOLLAR CIRCUS they call elections in the United States?

Andrew Stergiou –  Are my statements hyperbolic or your rhetorical polemics frankly rights are only rights free usable and unencumbered,and not as you state naively and excuse that perfection is unobtainable or impractical is the standard stock and tarde of dictators as well as those claiming virtues,as “every whore can be claimed a lady”. I resent your dishonest exclamations as selective and self-serving regardless of the rationalized excused presented,as such I call your gentlemen liars or fools. For when a country is involved and implicated in murder/s there is no excuse to call it just,nor supportive of anything but crime on the behalf of secret cabals of intelligence services. semper occultis.

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Andrew Stergiou –  PS As sophisticated US Intelligence services never mind public organizations activities politics discussion and information,as long as they control the outcomes of that “public organizations activities politics discussion and information”which is dictatorship always more or less enlightened none the less brutal as reality.


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Andrew Stergiou –  A very small tip of the iceberg “Orlando Letelier,a former minister of the Chilean Allende government who was assassinated by a car bomb explosion in Washington,D.C. on 21 September 1976. His assistant,Ronni Moffitt,a U.S. citizen,also died in the explosion. Michael Townley,General Manuel Contreras,former head of the DINA,and Brigadier Pedro Espinoza Bravo,also formerly of DINA,were convicted for the murders. In 1978,Chile agreed to hand over Townley to the US,in order to reduce the tension about Letelier’s murder. Townley,however,was freed under the witness protection program”since then how many criminal acts occurred in the United States due to US Intel involvement? How many break-ins? Burglaries? While in the witness protection program Sammy (the bullshit) Gravano organized a major Ecstasy trafficking ring caught with 25,000 hits,what about the ATF “Fast and Furious”program that supplied weapons to Mexican right wing death squads/drug gangs with government cover stories and excuses. I have enough to indict most of the political establishment in the US and Europe which hides beyond its lies and denials which is often revealed 20-30 years later when the bastards are all dead. Tell me what is the stay behind program of the USA called in Europe it was called Gladio?


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Andrew Stergiou –  P.S.S. The White House has approached this election season by offering trinkets,bobbles,bribes,and token inducements frankly for being a president who has broken his promises and continuously supported the corporate elites by usurping the peoples will,as the political process is tainted by the POLICE STATE which manipulates it what ever option do principled people have but to punish the lying bastards at the polls by not wasting time election day.


A police state that draws into question weither or not the minority parties were setup and or controlled by an nontransparent state,a state which informers are used to infiltrate every possible opposition group from the smallest religious groups to the largest organizations (AFL-CIO infiltrated by Jay Lovestone [CIA]]),a POLICE STATE which use provocateurs to create causes for investigation;a POLICE STATE without boundaries morals or ethics,a POLICE STATE only corrupt attorneys endure as arbitrary travesties of justice and due process Monday and which they oppose Tuesday etc.


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David Gerard –  digress much Andrew? Yes our intelligence agencies probably do alot we aren’t aware of.. but let the first country who can say theirs doesn’t cast the first stone.


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Andrew Stergiou –  LIKEWISE YOU SHOULD SHOVE YOUR BIG FAT POLICE BILLY CLUB UP YOUR OWN FAT ASS FIRST,as you have no idea what a police state is,or weither your country is one,exhibiting as you do apathy as it if it is a police state or not.

Your foolish logic is delusional and defective you don’t judge weither wither you live in a police state merely because you live in the worst police state for soon the US may be competing with perhaps Haiti and Papa Doc Duvalier for that that horrific honor whom. For which you have the snide contemptuous attitude of of a BOAR.

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Andrew Stergiou –  The problem with police states is god created all police states equally,and it doesn’t matter which one you support as they are all equally unconstitutional and illegal if that is what you like another lawless failed state.

In the end the conversation on Google+ was ended by my detractors termination and censorship of that  reasonable dialogue because he is no better than the government he supports and worse in what he supports as he says without knowing of what the hell they do.


Assassin Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair

Assassin Intelligence chief acknowledges U.S. may target Americans

By Ellen Nakashima Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday,February 4,2010

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair acknowledged Wednesday that government agencies may kill U.S. citizens abroad who are involved in terrorist activities if they are “taking action that threatens Americans.”

Blair told members of the House intelligence committee that he was speaking publicly about the issue to reassure Americans that intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense “follow a set of defined policy and legal procedures that are very carefully observed”in the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens.

Blair’s unusually frank remarks come as the issue of targeting Americans for lethal action has attracted more notice. As the United States steps up its campaign against suspected terrorists overseas,it has become more apparent that some extremists may be U.S. citizens.

The most prominent case to date is that of a U.S.-born cleric,Anwar al-Aulaqi,who lives in Yemen and has been linked to the Army major who allegedly shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood,Tex.,in November,and to the Nigerian accused of attempting to bomb a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day.

Aulaqi is a member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,an affiliate of the main al-Qaeda organization,and has been linked to the Fort Hood shooter as well as the Nigerian. He was thought to be meeting with regional al-Qaeda leaders at a compound in Yemen targeted by a Dec. 24 strike. He was not said to be the focus of the strike,and he was not killed. But U.S. officials said at the time that they thought he might have been killed.

“I just don’t want Americans who are watching this to think that we are careless about endangering —in fact,we’re not careless about endangering American lives as we try to carry out the policies to protect most of the country,”Blair said at the annual threat briefing before the panel. He did not specifically refer to the targeting of Aulaqi.

In response to questions from Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.),the panel’s ranking Republican,Blair said:“We take direct action against terrorists in the intelligence community. If that direct action,we think that direct action will involve killing an American,we get specific permission to do that.”

Hoekstra pressed for clarification of the policy,especially its threshold for targeting Americans for lethal action.

“The concern that I have today is that I’m not sure that . . . [it is] very well understood as to what you and the people in your organization can do when it comes to Americans who have joined the enemy,”Hoekstra told Blair.

The director of national intelligence said the factors that “primarily”weigh on the decision to target an American include “whether that American is involved in a group that is trying to attack us,whether that American is a threat to other Americans.”

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