OPEN LETTER TO THE Electronic Frontier Foundation also posted on my websites Goggle+ and Facebook pages.

I can just imagine having to deal with ICE and DHS in attempting to fly to another country where besides the indignities of harassment of having to speak with those dogmatic self-serving pompous asses of pseudo-patriotic fervor and BS; besides the initial indignity composed of my merely of my being and the jingle jangle in my pockets; and all the stupid rules that DHS et al imposes under the pretexts of security, for which there are no reason for security but merely for their reasons of desire to appear secure: Will be a nice argument over them wanting access to electronic device laptops, cameras and the like where I will reiterate my previously stated views the USA is a POLICE STATE though the EFF and many ACLU CPUSA SPUSA etc proceeds along as if it were not as the act like ostrichs in confrontation of the main issues regarding that POLICE STATE in the US. Why should I to resist such asses pretending to be guardians of the law allegedly serving important vital national security interests? Well because minimally for the for the last 23 years I have written as I write this and as far as I am concern I am correct they the ACLU and EFF are wrong.

Why do I include the ACLU and the EFF because we have grow up on this issue and they have taken over the years the reasonable positions pretending to some extent that this POLICE STATE is not a POLICE STATE but a legitimate government. As the ACLU in the 1950s and 1960s had at its helms a president and vice president both of which amongst many others were FBI informers I question the ability of such organizations to resist such secret political police activities which makes their activities appear ineffective to say the least.

Many of us day we are in our individual capacities making our feelings known opposing SOPA PIPA which seems to be a bad Greek joke as SOPA is slang for shutup and PIPA is Greek slant for “blowjob”. In any case we have not stopped the internet nor blackened it as the majority of users totally ignore these feeble calls and do not even place black graphics to cover their profile photos.Nurtured in the permissive entitle environment of the early internet the public now appears
as they have jaded spoiled by the perks of developing IT industry offering free software in order to garner market share. A public that has become as complacent, expectant, negative online as they have in their own real private live. We have breed them well as the cattle they are, as cattle they seem, or steeple for I see them as not lifting a finger for the most simple of tasks to express common values of decency and respect regarding these two arrogant acts of legislation which merely draws the USA more into the definition of as I have been saying a POLICE STATE.

A POLICE STATE I do protest, in the most strongest terms of objection, with plenty to spare for the ineffectual activities of the ACLU and EFF which have for me always been two pronged as ineffectual activities channeling discontent into less militant avenues. SEND THE ACLU and the
EFF all your tax free dollars invite their spokesmen to all your conferences and pay good honorariums for their showtime appearances in these circuses of bourgeois pretenses for weither or not these laws are stooped the issues and like same legislation will not go away unless the American people as a whole is willing to thoroughly confront what has become an authoritarian
POLICE STATE, so beloved and supported by Jean Kirkpatrick of the Reagan administration.

I will await your brainless bourgeois responses in my prison cubbyhole.

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