Poem: One Thousand Dollars for the First Poet.

America just like ….
immigrants imagined,
a 1001 poems about daffodils,
2011 poems on coffee,
7646 poems on hats,
536,000 poems on love,
300,000,000 poems of the most virtuous,
sparkling in anonymity,
under the microscope of a police state,see here look at the period,
at the sentence it is the microphone speak louder,
I can not hear you.

Weep for America, for she has died,
her children cry and suffer, hungry, soulless,
listless in contests for power,
filled with religious dogma, and ammunition,
of greed and gluttony, served at state banquets,
bought by lobbyists, owned by contributions of bribery,
without a constitution of guarantees,
as laws without access,
un-affordable judges, courts,
but death, in a police state,
for foreign owned treasury bonds,
sold at luncheons as shrimp cocktails,
Hail Victory, Hail the Senate and People of America
Hail S.P.Q.A, pass out the cyanide,
death has arrived armed and unmasked,
politics is useless except as bad prose,
where there are no heroes, no grand speeches,
only lies, death, poverty, and endless corruption,

here is one thousands dollars for the first poet who kills me painlessly.

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