Poem: Nobody Replies

No Body replies

Lovely speech, beautiful words,
there are no people dying,
no need to be grim,
[in urgent reminders],
full of inspiration,
I am bullish on America,
in every the stock market rally,
another scheme of prophets,
as in revolution,
[an unending series of events]
we are masters of our own destiny,
so seeing everyone go home,
the revolution, [this is the moment we have been waiting for]
the revolution will not only never be televised,
[though often] it has been canceled,
on account of good weather and blue skies,
canceled, for we should be positive,
[enjoy some of the good shit of living]
[smell the coffee, the flowers,}

[the bread and roses,
with an outlook of resolute enthusiasm,

Yes sir Mr. brother man,
I is seeing you in church Deacon Sir.
No body here cept us black colored Afro American folk.
in fac “I is nobody”, let me hear it ” I s no body”,
[cause being no body]
[I don’t have to say I am some body,]
[I don’t need a hope and a prayer,]
[some body say they somebody,]
[cause they is no body,]
[and no baody has nothing to lose,]
I don’t have stocks and bonds,
I is no body, I think no body,
I breathe, no one, no where, no body,
god loves me cause I am no body,
for someone is that somebody Satan,
who burns in hell.
Boss can I shut the lights off now,
so I can go home and get sum sleep,
I am tired of being no body, it is hard work
please give a one hand clap to our speakers today.

The Global Square: simply an ode to the world revolution
By I.G. Karfield On February 27, 2012

Are we being overshadowed by the big money of the devouring wolves and the peckish pigs?

No we are not. Because we are the global square.

At the global square is where I take off

And I am thinking to myself
That this might be a waste of my time
Because look I do not even get high
I do not even get to talk to people in high places
I am just seeing thoughts run by
Like on face books and my spaces
I do not know what I am facing
And I am thinking to myself
What would it mean for me to experience
The global square, the Tahrir square
Painted over the face of Facebook

The global square intergalactic
Interconnected intercommunication
Between two rebels of a nation
Between a nation and its rebels
Between two rebels of two rebelling nations
Between two nations rebelling
Between hackers of the established world
Between hackers of the world wide web
Between hackers of free capitalistic inefforts
Between politicians from different
And the same parties
When I think of the global square
I think of 3D glasses
The revolution pushing fields of grass
Never imagined by the likes of
And for that matter the passion
I imagine a world established within
A world established never seen before
And this time it is for real
I envision a world established within
A world that cannot be envisioned
I see a world envisioned established
And it has a name

It has a name that the people of Louixfied
France bore on their sore souls
It has a name that the people of
Occupied Egypt encrypted
It has a name that the people of
The roaring West aspired
Sometimes it is a park
It has a name I think a name which envisions
Merely the dream of
Many other peoples across the world
Locked in the lips
It has the name of a square that does not exist
And hence it is facing the Abyss
Hence this creation is facing total annihilation
If the scrambled eggs of politics and economics today
Return into the chicken from which they were made

Why do you come back
Why do you exist like never before
Like why did you never before exist
Are we witness to a unique idea
Are we witness to an idea that will never take form
Are we those visionary witnesses that
Nostradamus never mentioned in his
Nine hundred and forty-two verses
Are we being overshadowed by the big money
Of the devouring wolves and the peckish pigs
No we are not
Because we are the global square



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