Poetorial: throw away your agendas!

“throw away your agendas!” by I.G. Karfield On September 15, 2011

Replyed to by Andrew Stergiou February 28, 2012

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Throw away your agendas

Set your agendas –
There is this movement
And it may not be stopped.
It may not be halted,
It may not be dropped
From our agendas.

Set your agendas.
Keep the fires burning,
Just enough to heat the soil
We are dancing on,
Yearning for a second chance.
Set your agendas.

We shall never surrender
To the terror laws of physics.
Wear us down all you want,
But you cannot stop the movement.
You cannot stop the music,
And we are tired of your
Lucid muting,
Screwing with humanity.

You’ve caught us moving
At a pace too slow to race;
Until now, you got the best of us
In your posh back pockets.
Squashed together Mr. Blow,
Mr. Flows of green and the rest of us.
But that’s when you got sloppy.
The dimension of one blink of an eye.
One fraction in time – space.
Oh, boy, did we get a lot of space.
Boy, oh boy, did you raise us right.

So set your agendas tonight,
Sweet system of mine!
For you have paved the way for a movement
That will shake your silky socks off.

And they will be your last pair.

 Reply from No Body No. Two by Andrew Stergiou

The agenda of no agendas,
the speech without words,
26 people, liking loving,
following the nonsense,
uncritically of illogical logic,
of empty phrases,
of hip pseudo phrases,
invented by the hipsters of the CIA,
praising the odes of Leonard Peltier,
oh fuck me because,
you have a dick for a pen,
and a pen for a dick, stripped naked,
beaten raw, by wet noodles,
pissing on the world god save me,
for there is no body,
as the world is some body,
sick and ill, it lives as an agenda,
it speaks as a language,
it thinks with out thoughts,
that which at its best is empty,
so I piss on it,
the mental ward is a lavatory,
the doctor’s office is a toilet vestibule,
the toilet seat is the examination table,
without an agenda anything is nothing,
nothing can be anything,
the impossible is real,
But I have one political demand,
Free Antonin Artaud Now!
Free him from the mental institutions,
of France and the USA, USA,
free him from the Vichy,
Free him from the agendas without agendas,
Free him from the empty speeches without words,
piss on him but stop lying.

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