Poem: One Thousand Dollars for the First Poet.

America just like ….
immigrants imagined,
a 1001 poems about daffodils,
2011 poems on coffee,
7646 poems on hats,
536,000 poems on love,
300,000,000 poems of the most virtuous,
sparkling in anonymity,
under the microscope of a police state,see here look at the period,
at the sentence it is the microphone speak louder,
I can not hear you.

Weep for America, for she has died,
her children cry and suffer, hungry, soulless,
listless in contests for power,
filled with religious dogma, and ammunition,
of greed and gluttony, served at state banquets,
bought by lobbyists, owned by contributions of bribery,
without a constitution of guarantees,
as laws without access,
un-affordable judges, courts,
but death, in a police state,
for foreign owned treasury bonds,
sold at luncheons as shrimp cocktails,
Hail Victory, Hail the Senate and People of America
Hail S.P.Q.A, pass out the cyanide,
death has arrived armed and unmasked,
politics is useless except as bad prose,
where there are no heroes, no grand speeches,
only lies, death, poverty, and endless corruption,

here is one thousands dollars for the first poet who kills me painlessly.

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Poem: Booty Call at Midnight by Andrew Stergiou

Booty Call at Midnight by Andrew Stergiou

Couldn’t get there soon enough,

The girl patient, patient girl was ill,

her laid restless in anxieties,

her toys laid listless on the bookcase,

as bookends lodged somewhere,

between Wilde and Cummings,

after a day editing copy, typing and chat,

she was prepped for treatment,

doctor your patient is ready,

for her life was going fast,

no where but no where in the rat race,

she had no pretensions about what she wanted,

but hadn’t exactly expressed them, but why,

in pure lust and love,

warm day sweaty afternoons,

she waited for they met before,

without much to do, met in a quiet open space,

she sun bathed, burning tan lines,

to trace outlines of her breasts,

marked by protruding nipples, a liberated woman,

surrounded by oxymorons and paradoxes,

(ha ha they look it she said giggling)

for not much has changed in years but the desire,

as a hidden door in plain sight,

with a locked wrought iron gate,

calling from the corner telephone booth,

before cell phones were invented,

the phone rang, she had a loft bed, but leap,

high above the distractions, of dirty dishes,

walking bare footed on sanded varnished  wooden floors,

the phone rang once, twice, three times,

“hi”, “hello”, “what’s up?” Not much “I’m down stairs”,

“you busy?”, no come over,

in a detour off the main strip,

couples dressed for dinner, stripped naked,

each taking the others clothes off publicly,

what was eyed, in what was called decent,

as hidden in the tortured bondage, of the mind,

in silly bourgeois conventions,

of dinner, drinks, theatre, corner bars,

in deceased book stores, on the front stoops of many stairs,

lounging out doors in summer,

passing quickly past many small shops in winter,

kissing and hugging in greetings, just a girl,

tongues darted in the taste of a mixed drink,

perfume, cologne, of sweat and cum,

yes the smell of cum was noticeable,

mixing with the smells of turpentine,

linseed oils and artists paints,

applied in a heavy pastiche in converted industrial lofts,

clothes were removed ,

in the freedom of the naked bodies,

transversing as spirits from one world to the next,

in the plastic toys vibrating in crude motions,

of crème coloured flesh, made in china,

that now rested in a box,

between Shakespeare and Dickens,

there was no tyme wasted for it was late,

in a booty call,

before they called booty calls, booty calls,

before Texas sold vibrator as “personal massagers”,

before Texas called dildos “demonstration models”

before red bullets, spiked condoms,

in a rainbow of pastel colours,

the Doctor of Love made a house call,

before women became just as twisted as men,

writhing in passions masturbating,

in sync with poussez (pussy),  (pussy) pousser mon cher amour,

walking up the winding stars, of the narrow winding stairs,

knocking on the door, the door opens,

pousser (pussy) plus fort, aller plus vite,

the pussy cries with a fevered pitch,

in a high pitched shrilly voice,

enter,  just don’t stand there,

her eyes shyly spoke,

suck my tongue deep into your mouth,

squeeze me tight, feel my hands caress,

your naked arms and shoulders,

I followed your naked buttocks,

follow me up the winding stairs,

along the iron banister, spare me of my misery working days,

of endless classified ads, priced at five cents a word,

slaving as a copy editor, suffering nights I am home alone,

but why alone, because, because what,

because we loved, because we never in thought to ask,

because we just met, and met again,

because in what was never more,

because we never asked,

in what was perfect as it was,

for in nothing more but passion,

in solace for a working girl or woman,

the woman or girl we did not know,

in solace of a boy or man,

the doctors knows for today he writes,

the patient is well and satisfied,

in what we were for a moment,

as pure in heart and nothing more.

that we ponder unknowing,

impetuously never curious in the futility of the moment,

no time is wasted on romance,

no words are wasted in negotiations of betrothals,

rushing in a society without commitments,

in lens of the disposable love,

of disposable men and women sacrificed,

on the altar of finance and economy,

in industrial love, passion, compassion, and empathy,

in truth and sincerity a mechanical process,

in a booty call at midnight,

for if we meet we will not be sure it is who we think,

unless our noses meet, and mouths draw close enough to kiss,

in smelling the sweat and scents, of each other,

as we meet again in writing, of desire we share/d.

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Poem: Fucked My Self: Gang of One Two Four


There is the door it opens and closes
Joey Ramone was a pill popping Moses,
Dee Dee was a freak,

Don’t try fuckin’ me,
I have a blade up my sleeves,

balling in the bath room,
pissing on the walls,
the girls pass out,
gagging on their balls,

drink some more beer, baby,
long hair, short hair, skinned alive,
who the fuck cares!
we all fuckin die,

hanging on a back street,

walking to the store,
bumming change from zombies,
“they don’t have to share”

get in line, do your time,
grand ma sucks she always lies,

we all fucking die,
bleeding fingers sliding on guitars,
reverb mother mothers shaking in the halls

you’re fucking blind, you suck you die,
same fucking shit, 69, 74, 2009,
turn up the volume,
turn lights down low,

Fuck you your sex, your drugs and rock and roll,
Fuck your god and religion too,
Fuck your art your business, your words,
Fuck your EMO, Fucked your baby girl too,
Fucked your grandma, Fucked your aunt,
Fuck myself like none of you can.


Alternative version

There is the door it opens and closes
Joey Ramone was a pill popping Moses,
Dee Dee was a freak,

Don’t try fuckin’ me,
I have a blade up my sleeves,

balling in the bath room,
pissing on the walls,
the girls pass out,
gagging on their balls,
screams, yells and dreams,
wasted on the dance floor

drink some more beer, baby please,
long hair, short hair, skinned alive,
who the fuck cares!we all fuckin die,

hanging on a back street,
walking to the store,
bumming change from zombies,
“they don’t have to share”
bummed out on a Saturday night,
life means nothing when you live and die,

get in line, do your time,
grand ma sucks she always lies,
beaten with the back hand,
its all a whole,

we all fucking die,
bleeding fingers sliding on guitars,
strumming out a power chord,
reverb mother mothers shaking in the halls,
underage out all night,
sex of the roof tops,

you’re fucking blind, you suck you die,
same fucking shit, 69, 74, 09,
turn up the volume, turn lights down low,

Fuck you your sex, your drugs and rock and roll,
Fuck your god and religion too,
Fuck your art your business, your words,
Fuck your EMO, Fucked your baby girl too,
Fucked your grandma, Fucked your aunt too,
Now they are straight, ‘Cept they never told you,

Acting like an asshole,
Drunken sots, open their mouth,
never say a lot,

Fuck myself like none of you can.
Fucked myself isn’t it grand,
Fuck myself, because I can,





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OPEN LETTER TO THE Electronic Frontier Foundation also posted on my websites Goggle+ and Facebook pages.

I can just imagine having to deal with ICE and DHS in attempting to fly to another country where besides the indignities of harassment of having to speak with those dogmatic self-serving pompous asses of pseudo-patriotic fervor and BS; besides the initial indignity composed of my merely of my being and the jingle jangle in my pockets; and all the stupid rules that DHS et al imposes under the pretexts of security, for which there are no reason for security but merely for their reasons of desire to appear secure: Will be a nice argument over them wanting access to electronic device laptops, cameras and the like where I will reiterate my previously stated views the USA is a POLICE STATE though the EFF and many ACLU CPUSA SPUSA etc proceeds along as if it were not as the act like ostrichs in confrontation of the main issues regarding that POLICE STATE in the US. Why should I to resist such asses pretending to be guardians of the law allegedly serving important vital national security interests? Well because minimally for the for the last 23 years I have written as I write this and as far as I am concern I am correct they the ACLU and EFF are wrong.

Why do I include the ACLU and the EFF because we have grow up on this issue and they have taken over the years the reasonable positions pretending to some extent that this POLICE STATE is not a POLICE STATE but a legitimate government. As the ACLU in the 1950s and 1960s had at its helms a president and vice president both of which amongst many others were FBI informers I question the ability of such organizations to resist such secret political police activities which makes their activities appear ineffective to say the least.

Many of us day we are in our individual capacities making our feelings known opposing SOPA PIPA which seems to be a bad Greek joke as SOPA is slang for shutup and PIPA is Greek slant for “blowjob”. In any case we have not stopped the internet nor blackened it as the majority of users totally ignore these feeble calls and do not even place black graphics to cover their profile photos.Nurtured in the permissive entitle environment of the early internet the public now appears
as they have jaded spoiled by the perks of developing IT industry offering free software in order to garner market share. A public that has become as complacent, expectant, negative online as they have in their own real private live. We have breed them well as the cattle they are, as cattle they seem, or steeple for I see them as not lifting a finger for the most simple of tasks to express common values of decency and respect regarding these two arrogant acts of legislation which merely draws the USA more into the definition of as I have been saying a POLICE STATE.

A POLICE STATE I do protest, in the most strongest terms of objection, with plenty to spare for the ineffectual activities of the ACLU and EFF which have for me always been two pronged as ineffectual activities channeling discontent into less militant avenues. SEND THE ACLU and the
EFF all your tax free dollars invite their spokesmen to all your conferences and pay good honorariums for their showtime appearances in these circuses of bourgeois pretenses for weither or not these laws are stooped the issues and like same legislation will not go away unless the American people as a whole is willing to thoroughly confront what has become an authoritarian
POLICE STATE, so beloved and supported by Jean Kirkpatrick of the Reagan administration.

I will await your brainless bourgeois responses in my prison cubbyhole.

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SAY NO TO SOPA PIPA Support Local Musicians

SAY NO TO SOPA PIPA Support Local Musicians

Call for Creative Copyrights Against Global Corporatisms

When the US Copyrights laws were last over hauled and changed there were good provisions and bad provisions. I am a member of ASCAP and the holder of a number of copyrights with at least another pending, and more to come. But unlike many who hold copyrights I challenge the emphasis of corporate boilerplate legalese into these laws, as what I call unfeasible, unrealistic, and unreasonably oppressive.

Lets see first things first I don’t make a lot of money from what I do, but I would not mind making some more money in relation to what I do creatively but generally when the copyright laws were re-written they were re-written by legislators financed, lobbied and elected by large corporation media types. There are many great videos on the travesty of copyrights which generally I can agree with. I first mention the self-serving “RiP! A Remix Manifesto” by Brett Gaylor and mashup artist Girl Talk (http://www.nfb.ca/film/rip_a_remix_manifesto).


Because he is well known, that was one of the first videoss I watched arguing the real issues, in great arguments that I had already thought about before he was born, but which he addressed first. In fact you can say I am “his daddy”, but who cares as we are in agreement on the basic points as I was steeped culturally in what constituted another period of time when America was fighting the Cold War of Capitalism and represented itself as free enterprise that today no longer exists in the stale corporate environment of crime advanced by the contrived legal fictions of large gangs of corporate lawyers.

First of all the US Copyrights Laws are not fair as they treat individual copyright holders differently from corporate copyright holders, individual copy right holders who are not fairly treated and they are unequally treated in that the length of the Copyright terms based on the authors’ lives and deaths and dates of publication are not the same for individually produced works and corporately produced works.

Second of all and as such what constitutes copyright infringement is completely unlawful and unconstitutional.

Lastly the theoretical basis of what constitutes copyright infringement is completely ludicrous as it is based on the intents of the artist to determine what is unlawful based on a very finite and limited basis in music comprised by the use of 12 musical note A,A#,B#,C,C#,D#,E,F,F#,G,G# or do, re, me, fa, sol, la, te, do, in what constitutes nothing more than a complete and total legal fiction contrived, coerced, fabricated, manipulated, which is solely based on the premise of another modern legal fiction the business models of corporations (The Corporation [2003] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379225)

How many times can a man kiss a woman, or a woman kiss a man, or some maniac go postal so as to constitute plagiarism and infringement(?) as I am addressing the question not from the point of view regarding reproduction but performance, performance, composition and creation versus reproduction. Performance as in even playing music on a deserted street corner, or in a near empty bar or night club where also copyrights currently apply, but totally impractical and totally unenforceable, as in if I perform in a club open ended improvised compositions who is to say what the hell are the tunes am I performing. Which is a great response to the recording industry in “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS!”

The recording industry was once a mom and pop industry, many copyright holders are individuals and smaller businesses, which are not represented by the interests of the Recording Industry conglomerates. In the 1940s there were many more recording companies, but in the ensuing economic period between 1944 and 1980 record companies died out as quickly as they had formed, and by the end of the 1980s, the “Big 6″ controlled the bulk of the recording media entertainment industry.

When I first was involved around the recording industry in the 1970s, in essence it was controlled by the BIG SIX largest music corporations: EMI (The EMI Group, also known as EMI Music) a British multinational music company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, CBS, BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group), PolyGram, WEA (Warner Music Group), and MCA (MCA Records) dominated the industry. Sony bought CBS Records in 1987 and changed its name to Sony Music in 1991. In mid-1998, PolyGram merged into Universal Music Group (formerly MCA), dropping the leaders down to a “Big 5″. Today “Three “major corporate labels” dominate recorded music — Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group”.

In 1944 Atlantic Records began as a family business, long before it became part of the Atlantic-Warner Group, aka Warner Entertainment, aka AOL Warner Entertainment Group. That recording Company is what I would consider under capitalism a natural  corporate out growth in society, it is not perfect. Such small corporations today are what I would consider normal under capitalism if there is  anything normal under capitalism.

Atlantic Records beginning when brothers Nesuhi and Ahmet Ertegun elected to remain in the USA when their mother and sister returned to Turkey, following the death of their ‎father Munir Ertegun, who had been the first Turkish Ambassador to the United States. The brothers had become ardent fans of jazz and rhythm & ‎blues music, amassing a collection of over 15,000 78rpm records. Ahmet ostensibly stayed on inWashingtonto undertake post-graduate music ‎studies atGeorgetownUniversitybut immersed himself in theWashingtonmusic scene and decided to enter the record business, then enjoying a ‎resurgence after wartime restrictions on the shellac used in manufacture. He convinced the family dentist, Dr Vahdi Sabit, to invest $10,000 (a small fortune in those days) and ‎recruited Herb Abramson, a dentistry student, who had worked as a part-time A&R manager/producer for the jazz label National Records, signing Big ‎Joe Turner and Billy Eckstine, then founding Jubilee Records but had no interest in its most successful artists and now sold his share, investing ‎‎$2500 in the new label.‎

Atlantic Records was incorporated in October 1947 and was run by Abramson (the company president) and Ertegun (vice-president in charge of A&R, ‎production and promotion) while Abramson’s wife Miriam ran the label’s publishing company, Progressive Music, and did most office duties until 1949 ‎when Atlantic hired its first employee, book-keeper Francine Wakschal, who remained with the label for the next 49 years. Miriam quickly gained a ‎reputation for toughness: staff engineer Tom Dowd later recalled; “Tokyo Rose was the kindest name some people had for her” and Doc Pomus described her as “an extraordinarily vitriolic woman”. When interviewed in 2009 she attributed her reputation to the company’s chronic cash-‎flow shortage: ” … most of the problems we had with artists were that they wanted advances, and that was very difficult for us … we were undercapitalized for a long time.” The label’s original office in the Ritz Hotel,Manhattanproved too expensive so they relocated to an $85 per month ‎room in the Hotel Jefferson. In the early fiftiesAtlanticmoved from the Hotel Jefferson to offices at301 West 54th Stand then to its best-known ‎home at 356 West 56th St.‎ Atlantic’s first batch of recordings were issued in late January 1948, and included Tiny Grimes’ “That Old Black Magic” and “The Spider” by Joe ‎Morris. In its early yearsAtlanticfocused principally on modern jazz although it released some country and western and spoken ‎word recordings. Abramson also produced “Magic Records” which were children’s records with four different sets of grooves so each side had four ‎different stories of which the story which got played was determined by where the stylus landed on the groove.

Soon after its formation, Atlantic faced a serious challenge – in late 1947 James Petrillo, head of the American Federation of Musicians, announced an ‎indefinite ban on all recording activities by union musicians, and this came into force on 1 January 1948. The union action forcedAtlanticto use ‎almost all its capital to cut and stockpile enough recordings to last through the ban, which was initially expected to continue for at least a year.‎

Ertegun and Abramson spent much of the late 1940s and early 1950s scouring nightclubs in search of talent. Ertegun composed many songs under the alias “A. Nugetre”, including Big Joe Turner’s hit “Chains of Love”, working them out in his head and then recording them in 25c recording booths inTimes Squareand giving the recording to an arranger or straight to the session musicians. Early releases featured Joe Morris, Frank Culley, Art Pepper, Shelly Manne, Pete Rugolo, Tiny Grimes, The Delta Rhythm Boys, The Clovers, The Cardinals, Big Joe Turner, Erroll Garner, Mal Waldron, Howard McGhee, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, Jackie & Roy, Sarah Vaughan, Leadbelly, Sonny Terry, Professor Longhair, Mabel Mercer, Sylvia Syms, Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt, Earl Hines, Barney Bigard, Pee Wee Russell, Al Hibbler, Meade Lux Lewis, Jimmy Yancey, Johnny Hodges and Bobby Short.

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We are All Terrorists! Review of Reason

Intelligence chief acknowledges U.S. may target Americans


Reading the Washington Post article below with the proverb that “the pen is mightier than the sword” can any one,or any STOOGE for the US government and the status-quo for the 1% elite tell, precisely say who is not a terrorist?

If your fighter fighter is my terrorist,and everyone can be considered a terrorist including children,tell me which freedom fighter will die!

The ex-director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover was feared by successive presidents and commonly the well thought of Martin Luther King often amongst many were  described as subversives according to what the government. Where hundreds of agents were assigned to investigate governmental opponents but a mere handful were assigned to investigate organized crime. Today anyone can be targeted from soccer moms,religious leaders,seniors citizens and children because in the world of government bureaucracy they all look the same. In Boston,Texas,San Francisco,New York City Government swats teams entered the homes of elder  ministers amongst other citizens without search warrants or announcement. Merely to find out they had the wrong address,because the paid government informants used supplied the wrong address,the wrong name,in totally bogus snitching. The government finds out that they murdered the wrong person,beat the wrong person,  tortured the wrong person in what constitutes crimes against humanity which once upon a time was repaid with the death penalty. But today America war criminals think themselves better than Nazi Germany war criminals and in the end they offer BLOOD MONEY and the hollow apologies of a soulless moral less state.

What distinguishes the Bush,Obama administrations from any other police state? Certainly its not the BILLION DOLLAR CIRCUS they call elections in the United States?

Andrew Stergiou –  Are my statements hyperbolic or your rhetorical polemics frankly rights are only rights free usable and unencumbered,and not as you state naively and excuse that perfection is unobtainable or impractical is the standard stock and tarde of dictators as well as those claiming virtues,as “every whore can be claimed a lady”. I resent your dishonest exclamations as selective and self-serving regardless of the rationalized excused presented,as such I call your gentlemen liars or fools. For when a country is involved and implicated in murder/s there is no excuse to call it just,nor supportive of anything but crime on the behalf of secret cabals of intelligence services. semper occultis.

Yesterday 8:17 PM  –  Edit


Andrew Stergiou –  PS As sophisticated US Intelligence services never mind public organizations activities politics discussion and information,as long as they control the outcomes of that “public organizations activities politics discussion and information”which is dictatorship always more or less enlightened none the less brutal as reality.


Yesterday 8:22 PM  –  Edit


Andrew Stergiou –  A very small tip of the iceberg “Orlando Letelier,a former minister of the Chilean Allende government who was assassinated by a car bomb explosion in Washington,D.C. on 21 September 1976. His assistant,Ronni Moffitt,a U.S. citizen,also died in the explosion. Michael Townley,General Manuel Contreras,former head of the DINA,and Brigadier Pedro Espinoza Bravo,also formerly of DINA,were convicted for the murders. In 1978,Chile agreed to hand over Townley to the US,in order to reduce the tension about Letelier’s murder. Townley,however,was freed under the witness protection program”since then how many criminal acts occurred in the United States due to US Intel involvement? How many break-ins? Burglaries? While in the witness protection program Sammy (the bullshit) Gravano organized a major Ecstasy trafficking ring caught with 25,000 hits,what about the ATF “Fast and Furious”program that supplied weapons to Mexican right wing death squads/drug gangs with government cover stories and excuses. I have enough to indict most of the political establishment in the US and Europe which hides beyond its lies and denials which is often revealed 20-30 years later when the bastards are all dead. Tell me what is the stay behind program of the USA called in Europe it was called Gladio?


Yesterday 8:51 PM  –  Edit


Andrew Stergiou –  P.S.S. The White House has approached this election season by offering trinkets,bobbles,bribes,and token inducements frankly for being a president who has broken his promises and continuously supported the corporate elites by usurping the peoples will,as the political process is tainted by the POLICE STATE which manipulates it what ever option do principled people have but to punish the lying bastards at the polls by not wasting time election day.


A police state that draws into question weither or not the minority parties were setup and or controlled by an nontransparent state,a state which informers are used to infiltrate every possible opposition group from the smallest religious groups to the largest organizations (AFL-CIO infiltrated by Jay Lovestone [CIA]]),a POLICE STATE which use provocateurs to create causes for investigation;a POLICE STATE without boundaries morals or ethics,a POLICE STATE only corrupt attorneys endure as arbitrary travesties of justice and due process Monday and which they oppose Tuesday etc.


12:20 AM  –  Edit


David Gerard –  digress much Andrew? Yes our intelligence agencies probably do alot we aren’t aware of.. but let the first country who can say theirs doesn’t cast the first stone.


1:20 AM


Andrew Stergiou –  LIKEWISE YOU SHOULD SHOVE YOUR BIG FAT POLICE BILLY CLUB UP YOUR OWN FAT ASS FIRST,as you have no idea what a police state is,or weither your country is one,exhibiting as you do apathy as it if it is a police state or not.

Your foolish logic is delusional and defective you don’t judge weither wither you live in a police state merely because you live in the worst police state for soon the US may be competing with perhaps Haiti and Papa Doc Duvalier for that that horrific honor whom. For which you have the snide contemptuous attitude of of a BOAR.

2:33 AM  –  Edit


Andrew Stergiou –  The problem with police states is god created all police states equally,and it doesn’t matter which one you support as they are all equally unconstitutional and illegal if that is what you like another lawless failed state.

In the end the conversation on Google+ was ended by my detractors termination and censorship of that  reasonable dialogue because he is no better than the government he supports and worse in what he supports as he says without knowing of what the hell they do.


Assassin Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair

Assassin Intelligence chief acknowledges U.S. may target Americans

By Ellen Nakashima Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday,February 4,2010

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair acknowledged Wednesday that government agencies may kill U.S. citizens abroad who are involved in terrorist activities if they are “taking action that threatens Americans.”

Blair told members of the House intelligence committee that he was speaking publicly about the issue to reassure Americans that intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense “follow a set of defined policy and legal procedures that are very carefully observed”in the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens.

Blair’s unusually frank remarks come as the issue of targeting Americans for lethal action has attracted more notice. As the United States steps up its campaign against suspected terrorists overseas,it has become more apparent that some extremists may be U.S. citizens.

The most prominent case to date is that of a U.S.-born cleric,Anwar al-Aulaqi,who lives in Yemen and has been linked to the Army major who allegedly shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood,Tex.,in November,and to the Nigerian accused of attempting to bomb a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day.

Aulaqi is a member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,an affiliate of the main al-Qaeda organization,and has been linked to the Fort Hood shooter as well as the Nigerian. He was thought to be meeting with regional al-Qaeda leaders at a compound in Yemen targeted by a Dec. 24 strike. He was not said to be the focus of the strike,and he was not killed. But U.S. officials said at the time that they thought he might have been killed.

“I just don’t want Americans who are watching this to think that we are careless about endangering —in fact,we’re not careless about endangering American lives as we try to carry out the policies to protect most of the country,”Blair said at the annual threat briefing before the panel. He did not specifically refer to the targeting of Aulaqi.

In response to questions from Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.),the panel’s ranking Republican,Blair said:“We take direct action against terrorists in the intelligence community. If that direct action,we think that direct action will involve killing an American,we get specific permission to do that.”

Hoekstra pressed for clarification of the policy,especially its threshold for targeting Americans for lethal action.

“The concern that I have today is that I’m not sure that . . . [it is] very well understood as to what you and the people in your organization can do when it comes to Americans who have joined the enemy,”Hoekstra told Blair.

The director of national intelligence said the factors that “primarily”weigh on the decision to target an American include “whether that American is involved in a group that is trying to attack us,whether that American is a threat to other Americans.”

We are All Terrorists! « Review of Reason.

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Poem: Another

The neighborhood around the old Fulton Street Fish Market before the Ghoul and the Gestapo forced them to relocate.

Another long night wasted,
upon which Whitman wrote,
as an obscure poet/writer,
as another night,
Ginsberg Howled at the Brooklyn Bridge,
from the Manhattan shores,
staring at the open sky above,
breathing the estuarine shores,
as another obscure poet writer,
tired saying tomorrow is but another day,
for madness and dying, toiling, sweating,
another day come and gone,
where madness and death have not arrived,
the cardboard box flaps open and close,
dangling in the breeze,
having left we return,
pissing in the sink,
running water flushes clean,
as low hanging limbs hang in the breeze,
another wonderful day is wasted,
for death did not arrive,
madness was far too distant,
life choked in tight fit blue jeans,
where the lucidity of a clear night,
Manhattan was unclear and foggy,

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Poems Enlightened Nature Inspires Sin by Andrew Stergiou



Often I am inspired by senseless repression, oppression, in pressures for the brutality of conformity, the insanity of subtle self-censorship, imposed by those in power so as to appear reasonable they impress upon us to do the dirty work for them, so we are challenged. For let it be known I do not attempt to shrink from a challenge and so this poem was inspired as it was conveyed to me. In what I should understand was relayed to me as “Please do not submit poems that include words like (f.ck, a.shole, p.nis, v.gina, b.stard, s.ck, s.n o. a b.tch).” (Poemhunter.com).

So I especially wrote the following code poem for all those faint hearted easily offended “sensitive poets, and readers of poetry” so as to enable them to read such a poem without them having to read words by which they suffer painfully in their petty bourgeois middle class sensibilities which I find just as extreme as poetry strictly constructed of erotica which is designed as if we need an assistance manual of sex for our pleasure. In any case please enjoy as it was a delightful exercise of my abilities and useful application of my free time for a good better than myself. I hope those that read this poem will become embarrassed at their senseless coercions for conformity and will cease and desist in those efforts.

Poems Enlightened Nature Inspires Sin by Andrew Stergiou

Poet enter the poetics of nature in suspense,
Enter anticipating a theatre of cruelty,
Numb your senses to the pain and suffering,
In the norms of what is feared, in simple phrasing,
Summit to the guillotine of revolution, as a nexus,

Find love though it is meaningless romantic trash,
Understand the finite controls of censors,
Covet truth every where above all else,
Kick the devils of torment where it hurts,

All may be sacred, but some are more sacred than others,
So rejoice in the stupidity of living,
Stink of the joys prison engenders, it is an honor,
Hold proudly, firmly grasp the pen, brush and paint,
Own what you create,
License your poetry to all,
Ephemeral, eventually life will dissipate,
Stick to your weapons of mass destruction,

Destroy insanity crazed Kaos succinctly,
Defy injustice, cruelty, kindness, superstition,
Dangle imagination calmly kill sanity,

Vary your breakfast daily, but drink coffee,
Argue with mother superior for she is a bitch,
Grace the earth with humility proudly,
Ingratiate all with nobility though undeserving,
Negro streets walk proudly,
America you draw my blood for my limbs with your lips,
Savage nation you devour my flesh beaten raw,

Persevere under criticism from all, be true,
Egoists beware you are not clever,
Neologisms of psychotics bewilder geniuses,
Infants defy god, church, state, and family to win,
Seeing flowers as beauty is a blindness of insanity,

Art some Christian extremists would kill for: Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine.

Sadistic poet pleasures of self-mutilation,
Undoing a life’s work, in torn burnt manuscripts,
Communist pigs roasting on an open fire, seeking death,
K.P.D., Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg by Lenin calls us,
Stinking capitalist swine, voted for Adolph Hitler,

Be true, be kind, be compassionate, be ruthless,
Attack, kill, stab maim, apathy is the enemy of love,
Struggle in war for peace, and in peace for war,
Torment your oppressors mercilessly,
Antagonize no one, never retreat, never surrender,
Revolution is the way of life, in change it lives,
Death is the status quo of conformity,
Stinking decadence in the waste bin of history,

So forget not, relive not the past,
Ominous is the forgotten of Nazi crematoriums,
Necrophilia is the  way of capitalism,
Ominous is the forgotten,
Find love though it is meaningless,
Anarchy is an enemy of the unorganized,
Become, be, better, best,
Insist on what is true good and life,
Touch the untouchable,
Chew your dinner well,
Hate hate, for hate is only worthy of being hated.

Censorship by which some Christians and some Muslim extremists would elevate themselves over others as if they were “god” to determine what can be seen and not seen.

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***** Review: The Nasty Girl (1990) aka Das schreckliche Mädchen

A five star film well made believable, and perhaps a little tame in what one can only imagine when someone rakes up the World War II period in Germany.

About the “good German”, “the good American”, The Good Frenchman”, “the good citizen”, “the good South African”, “the good Russian”???

After watching this film one can only wonder of what Angela Merkel the chancleor of Germany and her family (as the film asked) did 1939-1945.

One of the Great Modern German films depicting the “good German citizens” in West Germany after World War II and Allied occupation,  and the continuing Modern German coverup of what occurred during the World War II and the period of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.


Poster The Nasty Girl (1990) aka Das schreckliche Mädchen

German with English subtitles

Story line: Sonya is a German high school student who decides to write an essay about her town’s history during the Third Reich and its resistance to it. To her dismay, and more so the town’s, she uncovers instead definite collaboration during the period. As she digs deeper, she must struggle against the town’s vocal and violent opposition to her search for the truth.

Lena Stolze
Hans-Reinhard Müller Hans-Reinhard Müller
Monika Baumgartner Monika Baumgartner
Sonja’s mother
Elisabeth Bertram Elisabeth Bertram
Sonja’s grandma
Michael Gahr Michael Gahr
Paul Rosenberger
Robert Giggenbach Robert Giggenbach
Fred Stillkrauth Fred Stillkrauth
Sonja’s uncle
Barbara Gallauner Barbara Gallauner
Miss Juckenack
Udo Thomer Udo Thomer
Archivist Schulz
Ludwig Wühr Ludwig Wühr
Owner of the Swingboat
Christof Wackernagel Christof Wackernagel
Richard Suessmeier Richard Suessmeier
The Mayor
Sandra White Sandra White
Rudolf Klaffenböck Rudolf Klaffenböck
The judge
Karin Thaler Karin Thaler


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Madonna 2 Sinead O’Connor 4 Elizabeth Taylor 8

Madonna 2 Sinead O’Connor 4 Elizabeth Taylor 8 by Andrew Stergiou  for Fuck You! Blog!

I wager the London bookmakers are already taking bets on weither Sinead O’Connor and Madonna, will be trying to get married again any time soon, and the long odds are that their marriages would not last if they do, towards which end I would be betting and add:

It is highly easy for one to be critical of famous celebrities, it is easier than that to be critical of celebrities who get married again and again without them ever resolving the issues of life, love and happiness. Madonna can be said to be smart in only getting married two times, but without children she also can be said to be selfish and self-centered, and much as Elizabeth Taylor in getting married eight times with four children can be said to be a giving hopeless romantic.

On hearing these stories I get many snap impressions which people can easily jump on and criticize, though they say what ever they want, but don’t write much as people take life, living and the world for granted as they hear it rather than intuitively and intelligently understanding.

Reuters plastered the internet from its fortress podium of highly selective moderated forum posts, that “Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has ended her fourth marriage after just 16 days, blaming pressure and disapproval from the family and friends of her new husband Barry Herridge”. Without insight a media forum with nothing more than the redundant information it parroted from press releases and the like. No wonder celebrities hate the media as they seem to be unable to be socially helpful in reportage on people as well as the nation, the world, and the fate of all humanity either. Sorry Greenpeace you will have to wait until Reuters gets the gossip straight before you get a word in.

Likewise Sinnead O’Connor, 17 going on 47, “said on her blog that her marriage went wrong three hours after the Dec 8. ceremony in Las Vegas and that the pair had lived together for only seven days before splitting on Christmas Eve.”

Now it is a tenet of my faith that any one who gets married in Los Vegas, theRivieraor one of the many tourist traps gets what they ask for, but in that Ms. Sinnead O’Connor has hit the magic number of four that is considered very unlucky in some Asian circles, as are the numbers 5, 6,7.

Number 4 (四; accounting 肆; pinyin sì) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word “death” (死 pinyin sǐ).

So in that “Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage” Sinead O’Connor’s latest marriage was over “kyboshed (ruined)” as she rationalized “by the behavior of certain people in my husband’s life” without her accepting responsibility for the most part of what occurred in “a bit of a wild ride” as she said “decided to end the marriage” after
“rushing into getting married” impulsively “without being prepared for the consequences”

“The marriage was 16 days. We lived together for 7 days only. Until Xmas eve. And we haven’t been awful to each other,” she wrote.” but in reality she has been awful to herself as she jumped in from “Her most recent union to musician Steve Cooney” earlier “this year after about one year” which shows she has bad judgment, can be emotionally unstable, and inclined towards impulsive behavior just as she “courted controversy in the 1990s by tearing up a photo of Pope John Paul II on live television in a protest over priestly sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, by declaring herself to be a lesbian and then retracting her assertion, and by being ordained as a priest in a breakaway Catholic Church sect”.

Reported by Reuters by Jill Serjeant, edited by Christine Kearney I believe this is the good old girls version of the good old boys network that soft pedaled the issues as sympathetic to her issues but objectively and emotionally one must Sinead O’Connor “where to babe? what next? You can’t keep it up without risk.

O’Connor married Herridge, her fourth husband, after a whirlwind romance. They wed on her 45th birthday at the Little White Wedding Chapel inLas Vegas. Earlier this year, the singer went about a public search for a new man on her website, wrote a series of suicidal tweets that alarmed her fans and revealed plans to release a new album next year.

No sooner than Rolling Stone reported O’Connor, who has four children, has been married three times previously– to music producer John Reynolds, journalist Nicholas Sommerlad and musician Steve Cooney. According to the Irish Independent, would be married again to Herridge is a children’s addiction counselor she is ending the marriage.

Both Madonna and Sinead O’Connor seem fairly intelligent though Madonna seems the colder of the two. where Madonna seems to involve more of a Diva factor and ego, Sinead O’Connor seems to involves more of a human factor in what divides intellect and emotion rather than what unites them. So I take this opportunity to express my sorrow for  Ms. Sinead O’Connor’s misfortunes, hoping she may resolve her issues before incurring any further troubles, as she has entered the no man’s land of  ending her fourth marriage when she impulsively ended it as quickly as her began where many dare not enter.

Adding it is better to love than never love at all, and better to love and remain unmarried than to go through all the bother just for the trouble and pain of it all.


Las Vegas Wedding

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