In Memorium The late, great Helen Wheels

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"The late, great Helen Wheels passed away January 17, 2000 after undergoing an unsucessful surgical procedure.

She was a longtime friend of Tish and Snooky and all of us at MANIC PANIC adored her . Way ahead of her time, this daring dame was one of the first ladies of Punk/Heavy Metal, fronting her own band "The Helen Wheels Band" in the early days of CBGB's.

She was a noted singer/songwriter who wrote not only for her own project but for bands like Blue Oyster Cult as well.

This amazing woman was also a title-holding body builder!"


"The versatile Helen Wheels first began working witn members of Blue Oyster Cult in the fall of 1970, but rock fans didn't hear results like the classic "Tattoo Vampire" until BOC's platinum 1976 album, Agents of Fortune. With the ensuing royalties, she started her first band and became a beloved figure on the burgeoning punk rock scene. She was soon as well known for spotting the talents of future members of the Dictators, Twisted Sister and Pyschedelic Furs as for her wild stage shows.

Helen continued to pursue her occasionally elusive muse, entering the studio with her latest band shortly before her tragic and untimely death January 17, 2000. Her Cellsum release compiles for the first time many of the long out-of-print seminal works in the only CD of her 30 year career as well as a new recording with the Brain Surgeons and definitive interpretation of "Tattoo Vampire" with Joe Bouchard and his X Brothers.

Cellsum Records released a compilation record of new recordings of Helen's songs recorded by other artis in early 2001. Members of Blue Oyster Cult, the Dictators, the Del Lords, the Brain Surgeons, the X Brothers, Alice Cooper, Faith and Static Cling contributed to this record."




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