Joey Ramone


"You got to pick up the pieces / come on, sort your trash / better pull yourself back together / maybe you've got too much cash / better call, call the law / when you gonna turn yourself in, yeah / you're a politician /  don't become one of Hitler's children / Bonzo goes to Bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea / as I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me / drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy / pick up the pieces / my brain is hanging upside down / I need something to slow me down."

Jeffrey Hyman, aka Joey Ramone
BORN: May 19, 1951-01, Forest Hills (Queens), New York

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JOEY WAS A NICE GUY BUT: If any one want to hear the Industry hype and bullshit please turn to all your normal mushy sources cause WHEN I first met Joey in Sunnyside, Queens in a club called the Coventry located on Queens Blvd. it was around 1973 (I say around cause it was that far back and many of Joey's Fans weren't even alive.  He was fronting for a band called "Sniper" (to the best of my knowledge it has little if anything to no with a current band called "Sniper" struggling to do it).  A friend of mine Patrick coincidently the drummer (was we were employed at the same place) SHOUT OUT TO PATRICK. When I met Joey he unfortunately was poppin pills and drinkin (like Marky Ramone) and that  did not make a good impression with me.  Poppin pills and drinking hard wasn't good and he died young though we were both older than Kennedy.

Years Later when he and the Ramones signed and started working with Sire Records for $5000 with which to buy a PA and things (not much to get rich on but it was a deal at the time actually IT STUNK) and  C.B.G.B. where  we were introduced, and he never changed over the years generally.  Unlike all the hype and bullshit people spread around comparing the Ramones and other bands we were just rock n roll, and not "the proud-standing Militia of Lexington who fired the shot that sparked the American Revolution, *** changed history.", cause first of all they were all dead (sorry maybe I'm missin sumthing). Straight talking in many ways we changed squat shit, and anything else is all lies and "if anything things only got worse". So now they lie and refer to Joey as the "the King of Punk" , and Elvis as "The King of Rock", but that's all bizness hype bullshit as the business dudes and dudettes keep on racking in the bucks on every gram of pain we suffer (when actually they both were murdered though maybe not all at once but one inch at a time or whatever) while most kids and adults do it for the love of the music, self expression and suffer as the bizness racks in the bucks. A-Z