Memorial for the Unkown Artist:

 A small circle of friends, and some friends of friends no longer with us:

"Strangers In the Night" People in My Life!

What does it all mean? One moment walking earth as giants with thoughts and feelings, wrapped in blood flesh, held together with sinew, bones hold upright, as we drink, eat, thirst, defecate sounds all familiar in moments that come and go but which in memory last seemingly forever but why we ask ourselves wasting our last precious moments on earth for at times seem futile but perhaps are not.

Who did I forget there seem to be a lot of writers here.


 Allen Ginsberg **

 Eric Emerson    Helen Wheels
Joseph N. Gallo

 Joey Ramone 

 John Winston Lennon ** Lester Bangs 

Masaki Kobayashi ***

Moondog Norman Mailer

Phil Ochs **

 Richard Sohl Steven Sprouse Thomas McGrath ***
Wendy O. Williams

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** of honorable mention *** of special honorable mention

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