Absurd words? Perhaps It is enough, emotionally abstract (it means nothing) I am nothing. You are nothing! You create your New Idols from electronic binary code, born In your "Idiot Savant" Ignorance and follies! By For and Of the ignorant? Certainly!! When you are alive only in rhetoric, moments past words dead and dying? From dead poets, mortal lives, concrete specifies in material form. Payment I have for my words years. For one word (with six letters) the cost is six years. As you ask me so much (too much) when the police ask nothing? The payment of the cost, gives me the right, to tell anyone of you to go to hell. Please ask and say nothing, for we know good and bad (except in that you can not distinguish matters you are bad, and evil, without respect, especially for your own words and promises intellectually, as you review them (correcting as you go), but then at the moments precise you say them).

Birth: Jan. 8, 1912 In a small cafe in the middle of the night on a clandestine road two strangers met without small talk or much to do it was to be all over

 much to soon though over cafe friends met and stay as other left and went away to for ever part

It was not for love nor money nor for hate but in respect we were our way though others crumbled cried and begged we kept cool and our heads arrivederci i miei amici it came and went all too quick.





 Deceased: Sep. 1, 1995 Astoria Queens County New York, USA

Allegedly Mr. Joseph N. Gallo was the Consigliere of the Gambino Organized Crime Family during the reigns of Carlo Gambino, Paul Castellano and for a short time, John Gotti. After Gotti took control of the Family he removed Gallo as Consigliere and replaced him with Sammy (The Bullshit) Gravano.
Sammy the Bullshit Gravano would later become the Underboss of the Family and a government informant (though he was a self confessed multiple murderer 15 plus killings) his testimony was accepted over others though clearly the government knowingly conspired to use such tainted information regardless of their conflicts of interest. 







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