Richard Sohl was a friend of mine to date I do not know the dates of his birth and death.

Richard Sohl well known as the keyboardist of the Patti Smith Ggroup was a soul of many creative and sensitive faces and facets of expression that occupied a space in the New York City Punk/Music scene. Richard Sohl in the Patti Snith Group has still to derive proper recognition from that association where Patti Smith has continiously derived profit and benefit from her association with others much like Andy Warhol those others have seemingly derived little benefit from her. To date he has no biography on Wikipedia along with Jay Dee Daugherty - Drums, Ivan Kral - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Allen Lanier - Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, who performed on the the PS first album "Horses".

Ivan Krall, Patti Smith, Richard Sohl, Lou Reed
Photo credit: Kate Simon Photography

In a 1984 Elliot Murphy CD Release in 1988 on New Rose, re-released in 1996 on Musidisc release of  Party Girls and Broken Poets:

Elliott Murphy : guitars, harmonica, vocals
Ernie Brooks : bass, backing vocals
Richard Sohl : keyboards
Tony Machine : drums
David Johansen : vocals and harmonica on Blues Responsibility
Peter Gordon : saxophone and clarinet
Brian Ritchie : slide guitar on Blues Reponsibility ; acoustic bass on Party Girls & Broken Poets
CTS : lead whisper on Doctor Calabash

Elliot Murphy stated:

"But so much of the finesse came from Richard Sohl whose piano playing was so modest, so classically composed, so right. Richard didn't like synthesizers and didn't care to learn; preferred to travel light. I only heard of his sad passing months after he died; didn't know who to call or write. We met in '73 or '74 at a party and spent many nights in the photo-booths of Times Square with friend Steven Meisel and Geraldine. Later, he found his place with Patti Smith and finally (again) with me; countless nights at Tramps and some memorable European tours - Montreuz Jazz Festival '83, on the beach in Sete and an infernally hot Italian summer - from Milano to the boot... Oh, Richard, we miss you... And whenever I play LAST CALL, I think of you smiling at that terrible upright at Tramps, seemingly asleep at the keys while I braved it through my sob story."

"People hear songs, music but to the musicians who write the songs, play the music; we hear time, places, faces, sometimes too much to bear as Richard Sohl's stunning piano intro to THE STREETS OF NEW YORK brings it all back...where? Not home, anymore. But someplace else, even closer to the heart.
I didn't know it for a few years later, but this album was my swan-song to New York City where I spent fifteen years searching for the soul of a city and finally gave up intent upon finding my own, at last."

richard sohl : piano

Together with another acquaintance of mine (Tony Machine who drummed for the New York Dolls) they played on tour:

Lyon (France 69) West Side Club Mercredi 18 Juillet 1984, Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

Moelan sur Mer (France 56) Festival de Kertalg Vendredi 20 Juillet 1984 Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

Brest (France 29) Festival de Jazz Dimanhe 22 Juillet 1984 Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

Sète (France 34) Heartbreak Hotel Jeudi 26 Juillet 1984 Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

Sète (France 34) Heartbreak Hotel Vendredi 27 Juillet 1984 Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

Sète (France 34) Heartbreak Hotel Samedi 28 Juillet 1984 Elliott Murphy + Ernie Brooks + Tony Machine + Richard Sohl

He grew up in like Lester Bangs into a Jehova Witness family just as they both rebeled against that religious beliefs they were raised on, as they saw they lives quite different from the rigid structuring of dogma.

As very often musicians were seen on stage and idolized but under paid and unappreciated. Richard was a human soul true to his heart as he was most encouraging to me and and people around him

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