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McGrath with his son, Tomasito, in 1974. Photograph by Dennis Sorensen

Thomas McGrath (1916-1990)

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 A Thomas McGrath Broadside |

Compiled and Prepared by Cary Nelson, Robert W. Lewis, and Fred Whitehead

Upon considering Tom McGrath's lifetime of struggle and achievements in putting together this section dedicated to his memory, life and time, I must make special note: Whereas many of those else where mentioned had also difficulties Tom McGarth's life was the most turbulent and promising. It must be noted that he was a WWII veteran and a Rhodes Scholar who under other circumstances may have become president (like Clinton) or the have some high position like the head of a University. But so as much talented as others (Allen Ginsberg or Isaac Asimov) his path diverged from the common place as Tom didn't sell out, nor compromised as so many of his talent do. At a time when most figures of liberalism got out of the way of reactionaries (stepping in line to the tune of Old Glory and Cold warriors Tom resisted. Just as today those in power who raise the hysteria of terrorism were the same fiends who conceptualized, supported, funded, organized, and protected Saddam Hussein and Ossam Ben Ladin against the Iranians and Russians, while liberals complacently acquiesce they did time and time before as liberals and reactionaries are actual two sides of the same coin representing capitalism.

To attack Thomas McGrath it was insufficient to raise issues from his past concerning petty matters (like a marijuana arrest  John Lennon) to surpress him (amongst others) what was required was to launch a nationwide/international witch hunt and black list that went to the core of human ideals, values, and principles. Though at the same time hypocritically those detractors then as now claim to be the real protectors of free speech when in actuality they are not, but it was people like Tom.

As such here will be presented a body of work compiled in a composite form exemplifying Tom's life, times and the ideals that represented them,  his family, friends, comrades, and all peoples were greatly sadden and deprived of his vivid radiance, intellect and creativity.

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